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Forest Tree Seed Bank

About the Oregon Seed Bank

Young pine seedling
For many years, the Phipps Nursery produced seedlings from a wide variety of species and seed zones, specifically for sale to family forestland owners. The Phipps Nursery ceased operations as of July 1, 2008. Despite the closure of Phipps, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) remains committed to ensuring that family forestland owners have access to high quality seedlings appropriate to their planting area. For this reason, seed remaining in the Phipps inventory is being held for family forestland owners (through the spring 2012 shipping season) and is being sold with the stipulations established for the Seed Bank.  

  The Oregon Seed Bank is made possible in part with funding provided by the USDA Forest Service, Pacific NW Region, State & Private Cooperative Forestry.

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Seed Bank stipulations require nurseries to:
  • provide family forest landowners with ample opportunity to purchase the seedlings produced from Seed Bank sources;
  • reserve seedlings for family forest landowners until December 15 of the year immediately preceding lifting;
  • release surplus Seed Bank seedlings to other landowners only after December 15;
  • ensure that anyone purchasing seedlings, including forestry contractors and consultants, understands these restrictions;
  • sign an agreement indicating their intention to comply with all the above referenced Seed Bank conditions (Please Note: Seed orders cannot be released until the Department of Forestry receives a signed copy of the purchase agreement.); and
  • report to the Forest Tree Seed Bank each year after seedling sales, an inventory of seedlings grown and sold for each Seed Bank seed lot purchased.

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Tree Seed Orders

Completed seed orders received on or before November 15 will be given priority. All completed orders received after November 15 will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
If the seed requested by November 15 exceeds the availability, seed will be split in equal parts among buyers with the minimum amount of seed per buyer not being less than 1.0 lb for Douglas-fir, grand fir, incense cedar, noble fir, and western white pine; 2.0 lbs for ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine; and sugar pine; 0.1 lbs Sitka spruce, western hemlock, western red alder, and Port Orford cedar. 
In cases where these minimums cannot be met, seed will be divided according to a lottery system. 

Forest tree seed is not particularly forgiving of poor handling. Particular quality information we provide, such as germination rate, cut test, or X-ray results, does not warrant specific results once the seed is no longer in our care. We promise to take every precaution to deliver your order in good condition. Liability is limited to t​he value of your order. 

Seed orders and technical questions can be addressed to: 
Don Kaczmarek, Geneticist
JE Schroeder Seed Orchard
PO Box 400
St. Paul, OR 97137
Phone: 503-390-8480 x221


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Seed Inventories & Forms

Hint: You must first download and save to your computer the fill-in forms below or they will not work properly. 
 NIPF / Seed Bank Orders*  Surplus Seed Orders
*REQUIRED - Orders for family forest seed lots require a signed copy of: 
1) the Forest Tree Seed Bank Purchase Agreement; and
2) after Seed Bank seedlings are sold, the Seed Bank Compliance Report.  


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