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Forest Practices Reports
List of Notes & Technical Reports

Issue Papers


News Notes


#1   Waterbars (pdf), June 1979
#2   Reforestation (pdf), December 1994
#3   Chemicals and other Petroleum Products (pdf), Revised November 2013
#4   Road Maintenance (pdf), July 1999
#5   Ground Based Harvesting (pdf), July 1999
(Retired Publication)
#7   Civil Penalties (pdf), October 2002
#8   Spotted Owl (pdf), December 1994
#9   Written Plans Guidance, December 1994  (revision pending) 
#10   Osprey (pdf), September 1992
#11   Small Type “N” Streams: Limiting Disturbance and Slash Accumulation, October 2002  (currently under revision--inquiries please call 503-945-7473)












  Technical Notes

#1 Water Classification (pdf), April 1994
#2 High Landslide Hazard Locations, Shallow, Rapidly Moving Landslides and Public Safety: Screening and Practices (pdf), January 2003
#3 Replacing Stream Crossing Structures Outside Normal In-water Working Periods (pdf), September 2001
Fish Passage Guidelines for New and Replacement Stream Crossing Structures (pdf), May 2002
Determining the 50-year Peak Flow and Stream Crossing Structure Size for New and Replacement Crossings (pdf), May 2002
Determination of Rapidly Moving Landslide Impact Rating (pdf), September 2003
Avoiding Roads in Critical Locations (pdf), June 2003
Installation and Maintenance of Cross Drainage Systems on Forest Roads (pdf), June 2003

Wet Weather Road Use (pdf), June 2003 

#10 Statutory Written Plan Waiver (pdf), August 2013


FPA Compliance Audit 

Monitoring Technical Reports

Executive Summaries and protocol for these technical reports are located here

The Oregon Forest Practices Act Water Protection Rules: Scientific and Policy Considerations (pdf), December 1994
Cooperative Stream Temperature Monitoring: Project Completion Report for 1994 – 1995 (pdf), September 1999
Effectiveness of Riparian Management Areas and Hardwood Conversions in Maintaining Stream Temperature (pdf), March 1997
Storm Impacts and Landslides of 1996: Final Report (pdf) June 1999
Compliance Monitoring Project: 1998 Pilot Study Results (pdf), November 1999
Compliance With Fish Passage and Peak Flow Requirements at Stream Crossings Pilot Study Results (pdf), March 2000
Aerial Pesticide Application Monitoring Final Report (pdf), March 2000
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Forest Road Best Management Practices to Minimize Stream Sediment Impacts (pdf) - Final FY 96 Report to the Oregon Dept of Environmental Quality
Forest Roads, Drainage, and Sediment Delivery in the Kilchis River Watershed (pdf), June 1997
Forest Road Sediment and Drainage Monitoring Project Report for Private and State Lands in Western Oregon (pdf), February 1998
Sufficiency Analysis: A Statewide Evaluation of Forest Practices Act Effectiveness in Protecting Water Quality (pdf), October 2002
Harvest Effects on Riparian Function and Structure Under Current Oregon Forest Practice Rules (pdf), July 2001
Shade Conditions Over Forested Streams in the Blue Mountain and Coast Range Georegions of Oregon (pdf), August 2001
Compliance With Fish Passage and Peak Flow Requirements at Stream Crossings: Final Study Results (pdf), April 2002
Best Management Practices Compliance Monitoring Project: Final Report (pdf), April 2002
Workshop Summary: Headwaters Research Cooperative (pdf), October 2001
Wet Season Road Use Monitoring Project: Final Report (pdf), June 2003
Compliance With Leave Tree and Downed Wood Forest Practices Act Regulations: Results From A Pilot Study (pdf), February 2006

Bald Eagle Monitoring Report (pdf), March 2005

FPMP Technical Report Compliance with Leave Tree and Downed Wood FPA Regulations Final Report  (pdf) April 2014




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