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Dispersed Camping
Dispersed camping is allowed in the Tillamook State Forest with no fee or permit requirements.  Campers are required to adhere to the Oregon Department of Forestry regulations regarding placement of campsites, campfires, sanitation, and stay limits. 
Some requirements are:
  • Do not camp within 25 feet of a river or stream.
  • Do not clear or construct a campsite.
  • Do not build shelters or trails.
  • Pack home all garbage.
  • Do not deposit human waste within 100 feet of any campsite, trail, or river or stream.  Human waste must be disposed of by burying at least 6 inches.
During the regulated use portion of fire season, outside of the fee campgrounds, campfires are only permitted in the "Designated Dispersed" campsites.  These campsites are posted with a sign and have a metal fire pit installed by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
The stay limit for dispersed camping on Oregon Department of Forestry managed lands is:
General Forest Recreation Rules

(2) Occupancy and Use. On State Forest lands, no person shall:
(a) Camp longer than 21 days out of any 35 day period, more than a total of 60 days during a calendar year, or the period of time permitted by the Forester;
(b) Camp within 25 feet of any body of water or in other areas posted closed to camping by the Department; or
(c) Leave personal property unattended longer than 4 days. Personal property left unattended longer than 4 days, without permission of the Forester, shall be removed by the Department and shall be disposed of in a manner consistent with procedures outlined in OAR 629-025-0080.
(d) Leaving personal property unattended will be considered camping for the purposes of determining the length of stay at a given site.

Designated Dispersed Campsites
There are Designated Dispersed campsites at various locations throughout the Tillamook State Forest. 
Each of these sites are clearly marked with a sign and have a metal fire pit, are free to camp in and are permitted to have campfires during the regulated use portion of fire season unless otherwise posted.
For additional information about designated dispersed campsites contact the Tillamook District Recreation Unit at 503.842.2545.
Please be advised the following designated dispersed sites are closed until further notice due to logging activity and reforestion projects.
South Fork Trask #5
Jordan Creek #1, 2, 4, 6 and 7
Ben Smith #1


Designated Dispersed Campsite Maps
Click on the links below to find maps (pdf) showing the locations of designated dispersed campsites in the Tillamook State Forest. 
Cedar Creek 

Cook Creek
Jordan Creek 
North Fork of the Wilson River
East Fork of the Trask River
North Fork of the Trask River
South Fork of the Trask River
Confluence of the East Fork and South Fork of the Trask River

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