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Road Report for the Tillamook State Forest
Updated  06.03.2014
Know Before You Go 
Please use the Oregon Department of Transportations TripCheck website for information on major roads.  OR6 at Lees Camp - Traffic Cam  
The Tillamook State Forest is a working forest full of activity related to land management and recreation which puts a lot of traffic on the forest roads each day.  Here are some tips for travelling safely in the Tillamook State Forest:
  • Know Before You Go - Check the website road report or contact a district office when you are planning your trip in order to have the most current information about road closures and detours.
  • Keep the Speed Down - The forest roads are maintained gravel surfaces which are not suitable for the speeds and manuevers typical of driving on paved road.  Cars, trucks, ATVs, and motorcycles handle differently on forest roads so driving at speeds lower than 25 miles per hour is recommended.
  • Keep to the Right - The forest roads are narrower than typical 2-lane paved roads.  Drive with caution and stay to the right anticipating oncoming traffic such as log trucks, gravel trucks, heavy equipment, and othe vehicles.

Forest Grove District Road Closures 
 For more information about the road closures below, contact the Forest Grove District Engineering Unit at 503.357.2191 

Road Name Status Comments


Belding  Road





Closed at approximately the 1.5 mile marker due to storm damage.

​Cochran Road


Week of May 7th and of May 12th

An Operator is installing culverts on Cochran Road between the 3.5 and 5.0 mile markers.  The road will  be impassible while each culvert is installed.  The Operator will also be doing ditch work with an excavator.  The ditch work will not require the road to be closed; you may just have to wait a few minutes while he gets out of the way. 


C-Line Road



Closed at the 10.5 mile marker due to logging activities.  The road will be open to vehicle traffic in the evenings and on weekends.

Detour - Seven Cedars Road.​

​Rutherford Road ​CLOSED INTERMITTENLY ​This road will be closed periodically due to timber sale activity.


South Lousignot Road​



Closed with a temporary gate at the junction with Wheeler Road due to timber sale activity.

Wheeler Road to Cochran Road is an active timber haul route.

South Lousignot Road DECOMMISSIONED


Decommissioned from the junction with Crossover Road to the junction with Marshall Road.



Wolf Creek Grade



Closed at approximately the 5.3 mile marker due to storm damage.


Tillamook District Road Closures
For more information about the road closure listed below, contact the Tillamook District Engineering Unit at 503.842.2545. 

Road Name Status Comments

​Joyce Creek Road

​CLOSED Joyce Creek road will be blocked due to timber sale activity starting 01.09.2014 for approximately  2 ½ weeks.

​Coal Creek Road


Coal Creek Road is blocked just past 1 mile mark due slippage on slow moving slide feature.  Road to remain closed until road is re-route is completed with timber Sale project work.


​Fox Creek Ridge Road


Heavy Industrial Traffic

​Timber sale activity continues between the 2 and 2.5 mile marker. 

Please plan alternate routes.  If you have to go through the logging operation you should use CB channel 22 to contact the logging contractor for approval to go through. Traffic will likely be delayed 10 to 20 minutes. Be alert and watch for danger when approaching and driving through the area.

South Fork Trask Road​


Heavy Industrial Traffic Weekdays​

There will be several active state forest and private timber sales hauling down the South Fork Trask Road this summer.  There could be as many as 30 or 40 loaded log trucks coming out of that area each weekday.
The CB channel for that road is 17.  Industrial traffic and state vehicles are supposed to call out their mile marker and direction (inbound or outbound) while on the road system.  If you have a CB, please tune into channel 17 while on South Fork Trask Road and call out your mile mark and direction of travel. Look for the mileage marks painted on the trees.
Non-industrial traffic is being encouraged to avoid this road on weekdays.
If you have any questions about the timber sale activity in this area, please contact the Tillamook District at (503) 842-2545.
North Fork West Fork Road​ CAUTION​


Another way around this blockage would be the West Fork Rd. to “Hole in the Wall”.   

Please use Channel 18 on these routes and watch for active log hauling.


Logging line are no longer hanging over this road at the 3 to 3.5 mile.  This road is now open to the public.  However, ground yarding equipment and log trucks are still working adjacent to the road and using the road.  Please use caution when driving through this area on week days.  This is the Bob Quarry timber sale and the operator is Yost Logging. 
They are monitoring CB channel 1 if you need to talk to them.  CB channel 15 is used on the remainder of this road.  Log trucks from this sale and our Fire Whirl  sale (Dobers) are using this road for the haul route on dry weather days and will be using it on days with less than 1.5 inches of rain after April 30th.
If you can use alternative routes please use them.  It should be safe to drive the road if you use caution and contact the loggers flagging on the road before going through. 





Buick Canyon Limited
Road washed out.  Access available from either end.  Road will not be repaired.
North Fork Wilson Road​ CAUTION
Heavy log truck traffic on North Fork Wilson Road.
Please use Channel 18 and watch for active log hauling.
Clear Creek Road CLOSED .25 miles past Stanley Peak Road.  Road closed permanently.
East Access CLOSED Road closed permanently.
Upper Cook Creek Road​ ​CLOSED ​Upper Cook Creek Road is CLOSED between the 9 mile marker (just before Tin Shack Road) and the 10 mile marker due to storm damage.
Miami Forest Road PARTIAL

Road closed PERMANENTLY from the 5.5 mile marker to the 7.5 mile marker.

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