Join a city tree board!
Q: What's a tree board, and what does one do as a member of a tree board?
Tree Boards are sometimes called “Tree Advisory Committees” or “Tree Commissions.” Tree Boards perform any number of services for a city or community, but activities may fall into four general areas:
    • Raising public awareness and public education about the value of trees;ETF Retreat 2 low res.jpg
    • Serving as a technical advisor on tree related issues;
    • Helping work on city tree care codes, and
    • Advocating for trees.
Some tree boards are more active than others, but on average require no more than 2-3 hours of volunteer time per month.
While one city’s tree board may be primarily focused on tree planting projects and organizing Arbor Day ceremonies, another may concentrate on helping craft a management plan or tree ordinance for the city's trees. Still another tree board might help the city organize and promote Heritage Tree programs, and conduct fun and informative "tree walks" for the public.
Each of the Oregon Tree Cities USA have a Tree Board of some sort; if your city is not already a Tree City USA, consider starting a Tree Board in your town by contacting your mayor or city manager. More on Tree City USA...