Prop​er Tree Care
Proper tree care can often be a mystery. Plant a tree and nature will take care of the rest, right? Not necessarily.

The trees in our yards, neighborhoods, and cities are a valuable asset, and they require our help to keep healthy. Trees contributue to the quality of our lives by cleaning our air, cooling and shading our homes, and increasing property values and the attractiveness of a community. Proper tree care is important because trees are an investment in the value of your home and the livability of your neighborhood.

The following resources and guide will provide you with techniques on how to properly plant, prune, and care for your trees, so that your trees are healthy and keep working for you.

Don't Top Your Trees

Topping, sometimes called heading or tipping, is the indiscriminate removal of the majory of a tree's branches. Not only is topping unattractive, but it removes the leaves that supply nutrients to a tree and can make your tree prone to insect and disease damage by creating improper pruning cuts. Topping also creates a more dangerous by sprouting back weakly attached branches.  These branches are more likely to break in a storm event.  By contrast, the positive effects of proper pruning will make your tree healthier and extend its life. More on tree topping...​

An Oregon Homeowner's Guide to Tree Care
This Oregon Department of Forestry, Urban and Community Forestry publication provides an overview of proper tree care and maintenance for Oregon homeowners.  Download the PDF to make sure that you have the best looking trees in your neighborhood.

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