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Project Details

OR 213: 82nd Avenue Signal Upgrades Project at Foster, Woodstock, and Flavel

Design Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland, Multnomah)

We are investing in signal repairs along SE 82nd Avenue (OR 213) at the intersections at SE Foster Road, SE Woodstock Boulevard and SE Flavel Street.



​​Design: Summer 2016-Summer 2017
Construction: Winter-Fall 2018​



At SE Foster Road, SE Woodstock Boulevard, and SE Flavel Street, we will:
  • Replace and upgrade the traffic signal heads, supports, and controllers to include advanced sensors and software to control signal timing and improve the flow of traffic.
  • Install sidewalk ramps that meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.


OR 213 | ​At SE Foster Road, SE Woodstock Boulevard, and SE Flavel Street

Cost and Funding

​Proje​ct cost: $4,058,000

What Problem Will This Improve?

​​The outdated traffic signals in this area were constructed in the 1970s/1980s and are due for replacement.

Additional Information

​​I’ve heard about changes to the number of lanes on Foster Road. Is that part of this project?
  • No, our project will only affect Foster Road at the intersection with 82nd Avenue. The City of Portland is planning changes to the travel lanes on Foster Road between SE 50th Avenue and SE 90th Avenue as part of the Foster Transportation and Streetscape Project. The Portland Bureau of Transportation is leading that project.
  • Information on the Foster Transportation and Streetscape Project is available on PBOT’s website​
Will the travel lanes change at the intersection of 82nd Avenue and Foster Road?
  • There will be no changes to the number of vehicle travel lanes at the intersection of 82nd Avenue and Foster Road. Foster Road will still have left-turn lanes, right-turn lanes, and through lanes at the 82nd Avenue intersection.
  • The City’s plan shows Foster Road transitioning to one vehicle travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane approximately one block east and one block west of the 82nd Avenue intersection. The plan also adds bike lanes on Foster Road.
If you have questions or comments about this project, please contact Valerie Shea at 503-417-5402 or
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Project Contact

Community Affairs Coordinator
Katelyn Jackson

Last Updated

1/2/2018 10:48 AM

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Project Documents

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Fact-Sheet-18757.pdfFlyer describing the project (Jul. 2016)

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