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The Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home, located in Lebanon, is the second Veterans' Home in Oregon.
Organized around the idea of an intentional community or neighborhood, this new veterans' home offers residents a way to maximize normal living environments and routines, provides autonomy, a sense of community, and quality of life. The campus consists of four neighborhoods, up to three houses per neighborhood, and each house accommodates up to 14 eligible residents.
The houses are accessible and adaptive, designed for ease of movement, and features open kitchens, dining areas where family-style meals are served, a living room with a fireplace, and private bedrooms and baths. The Campus provides space for 154 individuals who require long-term skilled nursing care as well as rehabilitation services in a true home-like setting with routine activities and social interaction that decreases social isolation.

Types of Care

Residents at the Oregon Veterans’ Home in Lebanon (OVHL) receive care from a nursing staff with the skills and understanding to meet the unique and special needs of veterans and their family members. The OVHL is Medicare and Medicaid certified, and incorporates the latest advances in skilled nursing and rehabilitation.
Skilled Nursing
In order to be admitted to any Oregon Veterans' Home, a resident must be in need of skilled nursing care as reccommended by their Primary Care Physician (PCP). OVHL's nursing model features individualized, goal-oriented care that includes comprehensive around-the-clock services, on-call physician coverage, medication administration, a quality memory care unit, certified physical rehabilitation, and speech and occupational therapists. The OVHL has a higher healthcare professional-to-resident ratio, which means a superior level of care day and night. We are excited about the highly trained interdisciplinary teams of health care professionals who provide routine healthcare assessments to better meet the needs of our honored veteran residents.
This skilled service is available to any resident at the OVHL who requires short-term rehabilitative aid during their recovery to allow them to return home after hospitalization. The Home’s nursing team is complemented by physical, occupational, and speech therapists who provide specific physician ordered services that help our guests meet their maximum rehabilitative potential. Our Admissions Coordinator is available to work closely with hospital discharge planners to quickly process these applications. Rehabilitation services are provided as needed to improve and maintain the veteran’s highest level of functioning and quality of life. These services begin with a thorough evaluation and written plan of care before the appropriate therapy is provided. Among the therapies that are available are pain management, ultrasound, muscle strengthening, communication strategies, orthotics, and mobility retraining. To speak with our staff about your individual needs, please contact us.

Admissions Process

Care at the OVHL is an earned benefit offered by the Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs (ODVA). When a veteran has a United States Department of Veterans' Affairs (USDVA) physician’s certification that nursing home care is needed due to a service connected disability, they may be eligible to have some or all of the cost of care at the OVHL covered by the USDVA.  
We understand the unique needs of the men and women who served our country and our staff gladly assist veterans and their families during the application process to determine the best options for your living arrangements and cost of care. 
Determine Eligibility
To be admitted to the OVHL, an applicant must be:
•  A veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, as defined by the USDVA, discharged under general or honorable conditions; or
•  The spouse, or surviving spouse of a veteran as defined by the USDVA; or
•  Gold Star Parent (parent who lost a child to war-time service)
An applicant must also:

•  Be able to pay the resident’s portion of the cost of care, if any
•  Be in need of skilled or intermediate nursing home care as determined by physician
•  Not require medical care for which the Home is not equipped or staffed to provide
•  Not have violent traits that may prove dangerous to the veteran, residents of the Home, staff or others

Applicants must submit an Application for Admission and USDVA 1010 EZ and include copies of the following:
•​  The veteran’s DD214 (military discharge papers)
•  The veteran’s (or admitting resident’s) current insurance information
•  A marriage certificate (for spouses of veterans only)
•​  Power of Attorney (POA) papers
•  A USDVA physician’s certification that nursing home care is needed due to a service connected disability may qualify a veteran to be eligible to have some or all of the cost of care at the OVHL covered by the USDVA. Typically veterans who have a 70 percent or greater service-connected disability and are in need of skilled nursing care due to their disability may be eligible to have their cost of care covered by the USDVA.
Application Forms
Admissions Process
Once submitted, OVHL’s Admissions Coordinator will contact the applicant or the responsible party upon reviewing the application. Upon approval, the applicant will be scheduled for admission based on occupancy availability.

The Oregon Veterans’ Homes (both in The Dalles and in Lebanon) are a benefit meant to provide exclusive, first-class, long-term care at an affordable price exclusively as a benefit for Oregon veterans, their spouse, and Gold Star Parents (parents who lost a child to war-time combat).
Part of the Homes’ affordability comes from an established benefit which allows veteran residents to combine private, federal, and/or Medicare or Medicaid to cover daily costs. Both Homes experience a higher than state average occupancy rate primarily because of the commitment to providing the highest quality of care at lower costs to veteran residents.
Daily room rates include room, board, and skilled nursing care, as well as amenities and activities.  Specialized memory related care (for residents with Alzheimer’s or memory care needs) is an additional cost.
The base OVHL veteran private pay rate (non-memory care) has been set at $247 per patient day (ppd), effective October 2016.  Other rates include: 

•  $257 ppd, for veteran memory/Alzheimer care residents
•  $274 ppd, for spouse general nursing care
•  $284 ppd, for spouse memory/Alzheimer care residents


Oregon Veterans’ Home Lebanon
600 North 5th Street
Lebanon, Oregon 97355
Main: (541) 497-7265
Toll Free: (877) 321-3077​
Fax: (541) 248-2001
Program Director/Veteran Service Officer
Jeremy Woodall
(541) 497-7268
Kelly Odegaard
(541) 497-7267
Admissions Coordinator
Glenda Bybee
(541) 570-7477
Recreation Director
Megan Eddy
(541) 497-7306

Employment Inquiries Contact
Suzanne Steinhebel
(541) 497-7285


We are currently hiring for CNA and RN positions; full-time, part-time, and on call opportunities. The OVHL does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age.  The OVHL is a tobacco free campus.
Download theVeterans Home - Application Process Sheet Updated.pdfOVHL Employment Application here.


Have you ever wondered how you could give back to those who gave so much? Donating your time or resources to the OVHL is a great way to start.
Your financial donation to the Homes goes towards activities and items that make life more enjoyable for the residents, including: field trips, exercise equipment, refreshments for outings, transportation, medical equipment and supplies, benches, patios, plants, and magazine subscriptions. Donations are also used to assist in the cost of care for those with temporary financial difficulties. All donations are tax deductable.
Below are a few ways you may donate to the Home.
Online donations are accepted on ODVA's website. Click here to donate
On site or by mail
The reception desk at the OVHL is happy to accept your donation and provide a receipt on site.
Send donations to the Oregon Veterans' Home Lebanon
c/o Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs 
700 Summer St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Other Types of Giving
Donations to the OVHL are used to support our veteran residents or augment the many programs we have. Donations are used to enhance the quality of life for veterans through activities, events, and equipment. Great consideration is taken to use the gifts to improve the quality of life for our honored veterans to enjoy. (We reserve the right to carefully select what donations are accepted and prefer each donation to be in good to best condition for the honor of our veteran residents. The OVHL is a state-owned facility, and therefore a non-smoking campus, and will not accept any smoking-related items.)
Our residents need/use the following items:
  • CD Players/Radios (portable), Music CDs
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Players
  • Anything Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, and/or Bob Hope
  • Birthday Supplies (balloons, string, signs)
  • LARGE PIECE Puzzles (under 300 pieces)
  • LARGE PRINT Crossword, Word Finds, and Sudoku Books
  • Non-alcoholic Beer (O'Doul's, Coors Cutter, etc.)
  • Electric Razors (Norelco, Remington, etc.)
  • Travel Documentaries (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Audio books (on CD only)
  • Local (Lebanon/Albany) restaurant gift cards (in increments of $10)
  • Wal-Mart gift cards (in increments of $10)
  • Microwave Popcorn / Kettle Corn
  • Nerf Guns
  • Folgers Coffee (our veteran residents prefer the Folgers brand)
  • Twin Size Quilts/blankets
  • Hunting/Fishing magazine subscriptions
  • Adult clothing protectors (bibs)
The items on the list are not to limit those who want to give. If there is something you are interested in donating to the OVHL, which is not on the list, please contact the Home ahead of time before bringing the item(s) in to the building.
Memory Care Specific Needs

Our Memory Care unit specializes in providing honorable care for veteran residents with dementia-related issues. Donations for this Home are specific and aimed at providing engaging activities for our honored guests. Our veteran residents in Delta Neighborhood need/use the following items:

•  Cooking/baking kits
•  Race car tracks and cars
•  Train set
•  Easy assemble wooden models (boats, planes, ships, cars, trucks)
•  Card making supplies (stickers, card stock, stamps, fine-point markers)
•  Calm music CDs (classical piano, Zen, nature sounds)
•  I Love Lucy and Andy Williams DVDs
Charitable Gifts
Another way to give to the OVHL is to donate a portion of your state tax refund. Oregon Department of Revenue’s Charitable Checkoff program allows you to donate all or part of your Oregon tax refund to the Home. Contact the Program Director for details. Remember that all donations are tax deductible.


Members of veteran service organizations or community groups such as schools or church associations are always welcome and will be needed at the OVHL. You could say it is vital to the well-being of our veteran residents. Volunteer activities are diverse and include everything from a friendly visit with a veteran or group of veterans, to assisting resident groups of personal interest to using special talents. Activities like walking the grounds or assisting a resident in writing a letter will be very comforting and encouraging. We also have practical ways for serving our veteran residents such as providing transportation, or helping raise funds for a project the Home is working on. Consider how you or your group can help today!
Current volunteer needs:
•  Writer for volunteer newsletter
•  Petting zoo animal farmer
•  Assisting with games, arts, and crafts
•  Organizing special events and outings
•  Reading to our honored veteran residents
•  Providing spiritual and musical programs
For information about volunteering, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at
Click here for theOVHL Volunteer Application.pdfOVHL Volunteer Application. Please print out, complete, and send in to our Volunteer Coordinator.
Our honored guests at the OVHL love to have visitors. Whether it’s to sit with them during dinner, go on a walk on the campus, or play an intense game of checkers in the solarium or Canteen, there are many ways our visitors help support that feeling of gratitude we promote with our veteran residents. You may know someone in the Home, or just want to share some time with one of our honored guests, you will be richly rewarded during the visit.
Our residents love pets, so if you have a cat or dog and want to bring it in for a visit, please do!
The visiting hours at the Home are every day of the week from 9am to 5pm. Please check-in at the front desk.

Activities & Events

One thing is certain at the OVHL, the service that is provided is designed with our honored veterans in mind. We go to great lengths to consider and provide for our veteran residents’ physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and social needs and interests.
Activities at the Home are organized by our full-time Recreation Director and include events inside and outside of the Home. Facility outings, religious programs, and opportunities for resident involvement in the planning and implementation of the activity program are available to our honored guests. Participation in creative, expressive, educational, and exercise-related activities is encouraged. We provide individualized one-to-one interactions designed to meet each resident’s individualized needs and enhance or maintain their strengths.
Also, if you have information that you think would be especially meaningful to our honored residents or you know of an event that we could participate in, please contact our Recreation Director.
Read the Latest News about the Home by visiting us on Facebook:
Scheduled Events
2017 - September Alpha.pdfSeptember 2017 Alpha Neighborhood Activity Calendar.pdf
September 2017 Bravo.pdfSeptember 2017 Bravo Neighborhood Activity Calendar.pdf
September OVHL 2017 Charlie.pdfSeptember 2017 Charlie Neighborhood Activity Calendar.pdf
September-2017 Delta.pdfSeptember 2017 Delta Neighborhood Activity Calendar.pdf