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Staff and Committee Directory

Information Security Program

General questions about information security at DHS & OHA can be sent by email to: dhsinfo.security@state.or.us or you may contact the Information Security staff directly, as noted below.

Privacy Program

General questions about privacy issues at DHS & OHA can be sent by email to dhs.privacyhelp@state.or.us or you may contact the Privacy Office staff directly, as noted below.


Information Security & Privacy Office (ISPO) staff

Security Team

Privacy Team


Joint Privacy Review Committee

The Privacy Officer chairs the Joint Privacy Review Committee, consisting of representatives from across DHS and OHA. The Committee is responsible for: reviewing and mitigating complaints; evaluating compliance reviews; monitoring business associate contracting; recommending policy changes.


DHS/OHA Shared Services Privacy Officer, Kristi Ennis, 503-947-5255

Information Exchange, Sonal Shetty, 503-990-1076

Information Exchange, Sherri Yoakum, 503-945-6099

ISPO Awareness & Education Coordinator, Jake Wilson, 503-945-7658

ISPO Administrative Assistant, Christy Carney, 503-945-6825

DHS - Developmental Disabilities Field Services, Matt Bighouse, 503-957-9716

DHS - Aging & People with Disabilities Field Services, Caryn Whatley, 503-947-5427

DHS - Aging & People with Disabilities Field Services, Angela Munkers, 503-945-6209

DHS - APD/SSA Disability Determination, Heather Emberson, 503-986-4941

DHS - Child Welfare, Shannon Biteng, 503-945-6659

DHS - Communication, Bobbi Doan, 503-945-6986

DHS - Director's Office, Michelle L. Johnson, 503-269-7460

DHS - Human Resources (Contacts), Becky Daniels, 503-945-6470

DHS - Human Resources (Contacts), Jennifer Walker, 503-945-6211

DHS - Self Sufficiency Field Services, Linda Weight, 503-945-6952

DHS - Self Sufficiency Field Services, Caroline Burnell, 503-945-6650

DHS - SNAP, Candi Quintall, 503-945-5603

DHS - SNAP, Diane Niko, 503-945-7018

DHS - Vocational Rehabilitation, Robin Brandt, 503-945-5857

DHS - Governor's Advocacy Office, Martha Gaugh, 503-945-7010

DHS - Office of Payment and Recovery, Cathy Brosnan-Trepus, 503-378-2220

DHS - Office of Payment and Recovery, Nicky Jeffries, 503-378-2212

OHA - Oregon Transitional Reinsurance Pool, Craig Urbani, 503-947-2320

OHA - Addictions and Mental Health, Diane Duncan, 503-945-6083

OHA - Communication, Gary Whitehouse, 503-945-6934

OHA - Director's Office, Keely L. West, 503-945-6292

OHA - Medical Assistance Programs, Mary Durrant, 503-947-2634

OHA - Medical Assistance Programs, Vonda Daniels, 541-690-6139

OHA - Medical Assistance Programs, Debra Clark, 503-373-1497

OHA - Medical Assistance Programs, Patricia Krewson, 503-945-6314

OHA - Human Resources, Cheryl A. Miller , 503-945-6137

OHA - Public Health, Helene Rimberg, 971-673-0364

OHA - Public Health, Alayna Nest, 971-673-1221

OHA - State Hospitals, Joni DeTrant, 503-945-2981

OHA - Health Analytics, Chris Coon, 503-945-6915

DHS/OHA Office of Contracts and Procurement, Jose Perfecto, 503-646-7234

Legal Counsel/DOJ/Assistant Attorney General, Shannon O'Fallon, 971-673-1880