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Oregon Health Insurance Coverage

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Survey Reports and Data

American Community Survey (ACS)

The American Community Survey (ACS) is an annual national survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2009, the ACS started collecting data on health insurance coverage. Data is released annually on a set schedule, beginning in mid-September. The American Fact Finder tables are available here:

Oregon Health Insurance Survey (OHIS)

2015 Data Reports

The Oregon Health Insurance Survey (OHIS) is an important  source of information about health care coverage in the state. The survey provides detailed information about the impacts of health system reform efforts on health care coverage, access to care, and utilization. Data from the 2015 survey provides an early look at how changes due to the Affordable Care Act are impacting coverage. The following fact sheets are part of a series exploring health insurance coverage using data from this survey.

2015 ACS Factsheet
2015 OHIS Access Fact Sheet
2015 OHIS Cost Barriers to Care Fact Sheet
2015 OHIS Demographics Fact Sheet
2015 OHIS Dental Fact Sheet
2015 OHIS Health Insurance Coverage by CCO Fact Sheet
2015 OHIS Health Insurance Literacy and Behavior Fact Sheet
2015 OHIS Trends Fact Sheet

2014 Data Reports

The following fact sheet presents data from the Oregon Health Insurance Recontact Study of 2014. In the Recontact Study, Oregonians who were uninsured in the 2013 OHIS were surveyed again to estimate how many Oregonians remained uninsured after implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

2014 OHIS Recontact Study Fact Sheet 1 Key Findings
2014 OHIS Recontact Study Fact Sheet 2 Demographics
2014 OHIS Recontact Study Questionnaire.doc

2013 Data Reports

The following fact sheet is part of a series exploring health insurance coverage in Oregon using information gathered through the 2013 Oregon Health Insurance survey (OHIS).

2013 OHIS Fact Sheet #1: Uninsurance by Age Group
2013 OHIS Fact Sheet #2: Uninsured Rates by Employment and Education
2013 OHIS Fact Sheet #3: Uninsured Rates by Race and Ethnicity
2013 OHIS Fact Sheet #4: Uninsured Rates by Household Income

OHA makes OHIS data available for research and public health activities. To obtain OHIS data please:

  1. Review background materials to ensure the variables are sufficient for your needs.
  2. Download and complete Form OHIS-1. In order to submit your information, download the data request OHIS-1 form to your desktop. Do not complete this form while you are on the web, the data will not be saved.
  3. Return the completed and signed application to:
    • By email:
    • By mail:
      Oregon Health Authority
      Office of Health Analytics
      Attn: Oregon Health Insurance Survey Program
      500 Summer St. NE – E64
      Salem, OR 97301

Once your application has been reviewed, OHA will follow up regarding any necessary revisions and the cost of fulfilling the request. Please direct any questions to

Survey Technical Reports

These technical reports explore overarching aspects of survey research as it pertains to health insurance coverage in Oregon.

Technical Brief: Reviewing Estimates of Oregon's Uninsured, August 2011

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