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Basic Health Program Stakeholder Group


The 2015 Legislature passed House Bill 2934 creating the Basic Health Program (BHP) Stakeholder Group. The Basic Health Program is an insurance affordability program (IAP) established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that offers coverage in lieu of Marketplace coverage for individuals with incomes between 138-200 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). It also offers coverage for individuals lawfully present up to 200 FPL - and that do not qualify for Medicaid due to their immigration status.

Requirements of House Bill 2934

The Legislative Assembly has directed the BHP Stakeholder Group to provide recommendations regarding the policy, operational and financial preferences of the group in the design and operation of a BHP, in order to further the goals of reducing the cost of health care and ensuring all residents of this state equal access to health care. This work was to build on previous work of House Bill 4109 (2014 Legislative Session) that resulted in an independent study of the costs and impacts of the BHP in Oregon. The group submitted its recommendations to the appropriate interim committees of the Legislative Assembly on November 13, 2015.

Stakeholder Group Roster

Meetings and Materials

For additional information, please contact:
Oliver Droppers, MS, MPH, PhD
Director, Medicaid Advisory Committee
Phone: 503-507-2990

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