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Frequently Asked Questions


CareAccord is a program offered by the Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Health Information Technology that provides Direct secure messaging services. CareAccord uses NextGen’s Mirth Mail to deliver these services. Please visit NextGen for more information about Mirth Mail.

Direct secure messaging is a secure email system that allows participants to send (push) encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet, using specifications developed by the Direct Project. The Direct Project is a health IT project that developed specifications for a simple, secure, scalable, standards-based transportation mechanism known as Direct secure messaging.

Because Direct secure messaging is a specific protocol, it can ONLY be used with other Direct secure messaging addresses. You can’t send messages from a Direct account to a different type of account, such as Outlook or Yahoo, or even other secure messaging accounts. However, when you receive a message to your CareAccord account, you will get an email notification to an account of your choosing which informs you of a received Direct secure message.

There is currently no cost to sign up for and use CareAccord Direct secure messaging. If the Oregon State Legislature decides to impose a fee for CareAccord at some future date, all users will be notified well in advance of the anticipated cost and any options for remaining with CareAccord or finding another Direct secure messaging vendor.

CareAccord Direct secure messaging is available to any organizations that are legally authorized to have access to protected health information. A subcontractor of a health care organization will be able to use CareAccord to transmit information to the health care organization, if they have a business associate agreement in place. The health care organization will need to have an Organization account, and the subcontractor under a business associate agreement would be an Authorized User of the account.

You can register by going to and clicking on First Time Users Start Here. If this is your first time registering, you must register as an Organization before registering for any other account types. Once you have an authorized Organization account, you can register sub-organizations, individual providers, and delegates under your Organization.

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