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Getting started

Steps to Get Started

Thank you for your interest in CareAccord’s web portal Direct secure messaging services. The steps to register for the web portal services are listed below.
For information about the Flat File Directory, please click here.
For information about potential EHR integration services, please contact us at 503-378-6575.

Step 1

Register your Organization account. During registration, you’ll need to choose an Account ID. We recommend that you use your organization’s name for the Organization account—for example, AppleClinic.admin, rather than an individual’s name. This will be your public name in the provider directory, so using an individual’s name could make it difficult for other providers to find you.

Step 2

To complete the registration for a CareAccord Organization account, you must complete, sign, and return the required documentation. For additional information:
If you would like to schedule a demo, please contact the CareAccord Engagement Team by email or call 503-378-6575.

Step 3

You will receive a Welcome email with your login information and new Direct address. Now that your account is active, you can begin using Direct secure messaging!

Step 4

Once your Organization account is active, you can then register accounts for sub-organizations, individuals, and delegates associated with your organization.

Legal Agreements
The following document is the legal agreement that is read and signed by the organization's Authorized Representative during the CareAccord registration process. The Organization account needs to be set up before Individual accounts associated with that organization can be registered.
The CareAccord Organizational Participation Agreement includes the following appendices:
  • Business Associate Agreement
  • Service Level Attachment
  • HIE Policies and Procedures
  • Security Best Practices
Authorized User Agreement
During the registration process, sub-organizations, individual users, and delegates need to read and agree to the Authorized User Agreement. You can preview this document by clicking on the link below:

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