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EBPBill electronically in four steps (or less)

Moving from paper to electronic claims may be easier than you think.

If you have questions about billing on the Web, contact Provider Services (800-336-6016). If you have questions about electronic data interchange (EDI), contact EDI Support Services (888-690-9888).

Step 1: How will you submit your claims?

Once you decide to bill OHA electronically, you will need to select how you will submit your claims:

  • Individually on the Provider Web Portal at - Web claims can be copied and edited to make individual claim submissions even easier.
  • In batches using electronic data interchange (EDI) - EDI claims can be submitted to DMAP through your own software, or by contracting with a clearinghouse or billing service that transmits the EDI claims for you.

Step 2: Contact OHA to get electronic access

Want to bill on the Web?

  • Most Oregon Medicaid providers are authorized to use the secure Provider Web Portal at
  • Your office should have a Web administrator who can delegate Claims Submit access to billing staff.
  • If you aren't sure, contact Provider Services (800-336-6016) and they can help you figure out the next steps.

Want to bill using EDI?

  • If you want a billing service or clearinghouse to submit EDI claims for you, you can also contact a service already registered with OHA.
  • Once approved, you and/or your EDI submitter may need to submit test claims to make sure "live" claims process correctly in our system.

Step 3: Start billing (and getting paid) electronically!

As with paper claims, before submitting electronic claims, you must verify that the client was eligible on the date services were provided.

Step 4: Keep informed

 Subscribe to OHP Provider Announcements to get automatic e-mail notification whenever DMAP posts a new provider announcement. Provider announcements provide updates about OHP operational changes and rule revisions that affect how you do business with OHA.

 Subscribe to OHP provider guidelines to get automatic e-mail notifications whenever OHA updates Oregon Administrative Rules and supplemental information specific to your provider type.

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