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Report Private (Third Party) Health Insurance to DHS/OHA


Oregon medical assistance clients, providers and DHS/OHA staff can now report private health insurance changes online.

  • Please read this page before using our online form.
  • You will need a current internet browser (such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9 or higher).

Who Needs to Report?

The following need to report any health coverage, or health coverage changes, that have not already been reported to DHS/OHA:

  • Anyone who gets Oregon medical assistance (see 42 CFR 433.138). This includes Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid/CHIP) and non-OHP programs such as Citizen-Alien Waived Emergency Medical (CAWEM) and the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (BCCTP); and
  • Providers and coordinated care organizations who serve Oregon medical assistance clients.

What Kind of Health Insurance Needs to be Reported?

For anyone covered by Oregon medical assistance, you need to report insurance that:

  • Is through a job (employer-sponsored health insurance)
  • Was purchased from an insurance company (commercial health insurance), including Medicare Supplements
  • Is student insurance
  • Is provided by someone who does not live in the same household as the medical assistance client

Please do not report:

  • Medicare A, B, C, D or Medicare Advantage (Replacement) policy information
  • Car insurance
  • Homeowner’s insurance

What will DHS/OHA Do with this Information?

If you have current coverage, DHS/OHA will only use this information to make sure that your insurance company pays for services you get from your health care providers.

Enter Health Insurance Now

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