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Healthy Futures Requirements and Wellness Activities


This page shows some examples of actions you can take to address the risks identified in your Health Assessment that will count toward your Healthy Futures participation. Keep in mind, if your Health Assessment indicates weight and/or tobacco use are risks for you, your actions should address those risks.
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Keep these two requirements in mind as you start your journey to a Healthy Future:

1) Spouse/Partner - If you have a spouse or domestic partner covered on your OEBB medical plan, you both need to complete the requirements of the Healthy Futures program in order to qualify for the lower deductible next year. Crossing that "finish line" is all-or-nothing. You and your spouse/partner are in this together, so if one completes the requirements but the other doesn't, your family as a whole will not have completed the requirements and neither of you will receive the reward. So be sure to help each other along and hold each other accountable. You can and will succeed together!

2) Weight/Tobacco - If your Health Assessment results indicate that your health is at risk due to weight and/or tobacco use, your wellness activities need to address those risks. If only one of these are a risk for you, then only one activity needs to address that particular risk and your second activity can address another risk or interest of your choice. Of course, if neither of these are risks for you, then both of your wellness activities can address any risks or interests you'd like. And don't forget, this applies to your spouse/partner as well! (See #1 above.)

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Need a suggestion or two for your wellness activites? Here are some great ideas we recommend:

  • Healthy Team Healthy U, a team-based/worksite-based health promotion program sponsored by OEBB (this counts as BOTH activities, regardless of your health risks!)

  • Moodhelperan online program for adults who want help managing their depression 

  • Online programs available through your medical carrier's website like "Fire Up Your Feet" through Kaiser Permanente, or Fit It In through Moda Health/ODS
  • Any school employee wellness activity

  • Walking programs sponsored by associations or clubs, PTA, health clubs

  • Learn online ​about health topics of your choice using your medical carrier's website - Kaiser Permanente or Moda Health/ODS

  • Preventive services recommended for your age by the U.S. Preventive Services Taskforce (annual dental cleaning, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc.)

  • Attend the annual Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference which takes place in Bend each Spring Break -- registration is FREE!



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If one of your risks is related to weight, one of your wellness activities should be:


  • Participate in Weight Watchers for at least one 13-week session

  • Work with a health coach or dietitian available through your medical plan carrier to develop a plan for addressing your weight

  • Work through the e-tools available on your medical carrier's website on weight management


  • Participate in Healthy Team Healthy U (this counts as both wellness actions, regardless of your health risks!)


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If one of your risks is related to tobacco use, one of your wellness activities should be:

  • Participate in a tobacco cessation program (available through your medical plan carrier or through your healthcare provider)

  • Work through the tobacco cessation e-tools on your medical carrier's website


  • Participate in Healthy Team Healthy U (this counts as both of your wellness activities, regardless of your health risks!)
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Other Ideas

The list below is just a sampling of other actions you can take to satisfy your two wellness activities for the Healthy Futures program. We couldn't possibly list them all, because virtually anything that supports your health and well-being will count. But if you're looking for inspiration, here are some ideas to get you started!

Don't forget - mental and social health are important too! If your life could use some balance, learning how to manage stress or carving out time to spend with friends can count as a wellness activity!


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Anything good for you counts!

Have an idea that's not shown on this page? Go for it! Any action that contributes to your health and well-being will count!

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More Information


For more information click on one of the sub-topics below.


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Exemption Policy

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) will allow exemptions from the Healthy Futures’ online health assessment and/or the two healthy activities requirements for members whose condition, disability or situation makes it unreasonably difficult or medically inadvisable. The complete policy and instructions explaining how to apply for exemption are available on the OEBB website.

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