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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - OEBB Policies and Procedures

How often does OEBB go out to bid to consider other carriers for their benefit plans?
OEBB has contracting authority to fulfill its mission of providing high-quality health, dental and vision coverage for educational entity employees. The original request for proposal (RFP) outlined a three-year contract guarantee with additional years at the discretion of the board based on performance. The board elected to extend the duration of the contract…the next RFP is expected to occur in 2014.
Why did the board elect to extend the contract? Wouldn’t the competition of regular RFP’s keep rates lower?
Stability over time is a key factor in any insurance plan’s experience and rates. The bottom line is the premiums coming in need to cover the expenses going out. The longer any insurance company collects regular premiums from a particular group, the more they are able to minimize premium increases. This is a result of having collected those steady premiums in the past as well as knowing they will be receiving them for a certain contracted period into the future. This security makes it easier for them to predict their expenses and absorb unusual spikes in healthcare costs. Because OEBB was a brand-new group in 2008 it has taken a number of years to build up history and establish a baseline of experience to start creating this security. OEBB’s consulting firm, Towers Watson, has confirmed that the rates charged by the current carriers are appropriate for the group’s experience. Additionally, the contracts with the current OEBB carriers guarantee the administrative fees included in the premiums.  An RFP would most likely result in similar rates and the instability and/or higher administrative fees may actually increase rates further.  The expense involved in going out to bid outweighs any potential savings at this time.
Wasn’t the size of the OEBB pool and its purchasing power supposed to minimize rate increases more than this?
Over time the premium rate fluctuations are moderated by large buying pools.
This means over a multiyear period you would expect less dramatic rate swings than are seen with smaller groups. A pool can insulate you from rate fluctuations, but not isolate you from them.
How do I replace my lost insurance ID card? Can I order additional ID cards?

Moda Health ID cards can be ordered by calling 1-866-923-0409. You will be asked to verify your personal information. Cards are typically mailed within 5 to 7 business days and there’s no charge.

Kaiser Permanente ID cards can be ordered by calling 1-866-223-2375. Member services will ask you to verify your personal information. Cards are typically delivered within 7 to 10 business days and there is no charge. If you order extra cards for one individual, the cards may be delivered on different days. You can still access services without your card. Bring your photo ID to the appointment and you will be asked to verify personal information. 
Willamette Dental members do not need a card to access services. If you would like to order a Willamette Dental ID card call 1-800-460-7644 (select option 4). You will be asked to verify your personal information and cards are typically sent to you in a couple business days. If you would like additional cards, make a copy of your original card and Willamette Dental will accept it as your ID card.

Which pharmacies am I able to use?

Participating retail and mail-order pharmacies will vary depending on which medical plan you are enrolled in. Please click the name of your medical carrier below to view their pharmacy information.

Kaiser Permanente             Moda Health
What if I forgot to put a dependent on my insurance or I want to make a change and it is not Open Enrollment?
You may submit an appeal by e-mail or by using the appeals form which is available online at  http://www.oregon.gov/oha/OEBB/pages/forms.aspx.  
I’m having a life insurance policy deducted from my paycheck right now.  Do I need to cancel that coverage and apply through The Standard?
No. Employees can continue or purchase life, disability and AD&D coverages on an individual basis through a non-OEBB vendor; however, an entity (e.g., school district) cannot enter into a contract to make these types of coverages available​ to employees as a group coverage outside of OEBB.  Group life, disability and AD&D coverage is limited to that offered through OEBB.
I am interested in purchasing life and disability coverage and considering coverages available through the OEBB vendor (The Standard) and those available to me from an agent.  I heard that I can’t buy coverage through an agent or union now that OEBB offers life and disability coverages.  Is that true?
No, you can still purchase life, disability and AD&D coverage from either an agent or through your union.  Your employer (e.g., your district) just can’t offer these coverages to you at a group rate.
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