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Homecare Union Benefits Board
HUBB-FHIAP Partnership
As a homecare worker, you may qualify for medical-dental insurance through the Homecare Union Benefits Board (HUBB). As long as you work enough hours, your monthly premium for insurance is paid in full. But if you work too few hours or want to add a spouse and/or children to the plan, you pay a monthly premium.
The Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP) is a state program that helps pay the monthly premium for health insurance for Oregonians who meet income and other guidelines (see below). There are no current openings. However, you may want to put your name on a list to reserve an application.
Examples of how a FHIAP subsidy may help HUBB members:
  1. You are on the HUBB plan but your spouse/children are uninsured. FHIAP may be able to pay up to 95 percent of the cost to add your family members.
  2. You become eligible for HUBB insurance but don't always work enough hours to qualify for health insurance at no cost. A subsidy from FHIAP would let you keep your HUBB plan for a few dollars a month versus hundreds of dollars a month.
  3. Your spouse gets insurance at work but you and your children are uninsured. A FHIAP subsidy could be used to add the rest of the family to your spouse's health plan.
How long does your FHIAP subsidy last?
Your subsidy is good for 12 months, starting with the month you are approved for FHIAP. About three months before the end of your subsidy year, FHIAP will send you a new application to see whether you qualify to stay in the program another year!
Some people won't use their subsidy
Some HUBB members may apply to FHIAP in case they don't work enough hours to get their paid coverage. As long as you work enough hours, you may never use your subsidy. FHIAP will still send you an application to reapply. To continue to have the "safety net" of FHIAP, fill out a FHIAP application every year.
What to do now
Read about who is eligible for FHIAP. If you have questions about whether this fits you, call FHIAP at 888-564-9669 (toll-free in Oregon). Ask for the HUBB eligibility specialist. Reserve an application on this website.

Who Is Eligible For HUBB?

Who Is Eligible For FHIAP?
You or someone in your family must:
  • Be uninsured for the previous two months, unless you are leaving the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)/Medicaid program.
  • Meet income guidelines (100% subsidy for children)
  • Live in Oregon
  • Be a U.S. citizen or qualified non-citizen
  • Not be eligible for or receiving Medicare

FHIAP-HUBB Contact Information
Contact HUBB about your eligibility for HUBB medical-dental insurance. Contact FHIAP for information about applying for help paying for insurance.

FHIAP contact information:

  • Toll-free in Oregon: 888-564-9669. Ask for the HUBB eligibility specialist
    Salem: 503-373-1692
    Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m
    Monday through Friday
    PO Box 5880
    Salem, OR 97304-0880
HUBB contact information:
  • Toll-free: 866-364-HUBB (4822)
    Salem: 503-364-HUBB (4822)
  • HUBB
    PO Box 12159
    1730 Commercial St. SE
    Salem, OR 97301-0159