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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get A Healthy Kids Application?

Call 800-359-9517 to have an application packet mailed to you.
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How Do I Apply For My Child(ren) To Be Enrolled In Healthy Kids?

You can get an application in several ways:
  1. Apply online now or
  2. Call the Office of Healthy Kids at 800-359-9517 or
  3. Call an application assister near you.

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Are There Limits To How Much My Family Will Pay For Expenses?

Yes. If you are enrolled in Healthy KidsConnect and qualify for a subsidy (premium payment assistance) there is a limit. Your share of health care related costs will not be more than 5% of your annual income.
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How Long Is My Child Eligible Once I'm Approved For HKC?

Your eligibility period is for one year. It begins on the date you are approved for health insurance coverage by the Department of Human Services. After you are approved, you will need to enroll in Healthy KidsConnect. This means your insurance coverage may not run for a full year, depending on when you enroll in Healthy KidsConnect.
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After My Child Is In HKC For A Year, Do I Need To Reapply?

Yes. Eligibility is for one year only.
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Yes. A child covered by a school-related health program, like the Kaiser Child Health Program or basic athletic insurance, can still apply for Healthy KidsConnect. There is a two-month period of no insurance for the Healthy KidsConnect program. However, a child who is in one of these school-related health programs is seen as uninsured for the Healthy KidsConnect application and can still apply. There are some cases where the two-month period of no insurance is waived, so be sure to ask when you apply.
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Can My Child Have Other Health Insurance At The Same Time?

No, Healthy KidsConnect is for uninsured children. Your child cannot have other health insurance coverage while enrolled in Healthy KidsConnect. If your child has any other health insurance, the child is no longer eligible. Exceptions to this are very rare, so contact us with questions.
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Does HKC backdate coverage?

No. HKC coverage will not begin coverage as of the date of request (DOR).   
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How long does it take for my payment to post to my HKC account?

It could take up to 72 hours for your payment to post to your HKC account.  Payments must be posted to your account by the last business day of each month.   
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Can I pay with a debit or credit card?

Yes, you can pay your premium share with a debit or credit card by calling OHA/DHS Fiscal Services at 855-255-4304.

**To avoid potential late payments, you can set up automatic recurring payments by calling 855-255-4304.  If your monthly premium share changes, you will have to contact OHA/DHS Fiscal Services to update your automatic recurring payments. It can take up to one month to set up recurring payments. You will receive a confirmation letter when the recurring payments are ready to begin.​​ 
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How can my newborn get HKC coverage starting on the scheduled delivery date?

A. If there are no other HKC covered siblings on the case or there is a one-member pregnant teen, the family or parent must be pre-enrolled for HKC coverage.  
1. Apply for medical services within 45 days before the scheduled delivery date;​
2. Be determined eligible for HKC coverage.
3. Complete, sign and return required HKC enrollment paperwork by the 23rd or the last business day prior to the 23rd of the month prior to the delivery month.
4. Coverage of the pre-enrolled newborn will be effective the first of the month following enrollment or the date of birth, whichever is later.

B. If a child is born to a covered HKC member or a family in which there is a covered HKC sibling, the family or parent must: 
1. Apply for medical services within 45 days before the scheduled delivery date.  
2. Returns all enrollment paperwork within 31 days of the scheduled delivery date
3. If the request to enroll in HKC is received beyond the scheduled delivery date, the coverage effective date will be the first of the month following the date of enrollment request.​
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