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Agent Help With Health Insurance
Agent Help With Health Insurance
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If you are shopping for an individual plan, a licensed health insurance agent can help. If you get health insurance at work, the benefits administrator can answer questions about any insurance choices you have.
Agents can help you compare plans, fill out an insurance company application and assist with claim and billing issues.
Agents are also called "producers."

How Are Agents Paid?
Agents get a commission if you buy a plan. However, the insurance company pays their fee and it is already built into the cost of the premium. That means you don't pay any more for insurance if you use an agent.

How Do I Choose An Agent?
  • Ask friends or family for references.
  • Use the Cover Oregon agent search.
  • Contact the Insurance Division's Producer Licensing Unit (503-947-7981) or visit www.insurance.oregon.gov.
  • Ask insurance agents for client references.
  • If you know what insurance company you want, the company can recommend an agent.
Make sure your agent is licensed through the state and specializes in health insurance.

How Do Independent Agents Operate?
Unlike agents who work for an insurance company, independent agents work for themselves and represent multiple companies. With a single phone call, you can get information on more than one company's plans. You may want to ask the agent what companies he or she represents. Agents must be "appointed" by health insurance companies to sell their products. Some might be appointed with several companies; others might represent all the companies that sell individual/family plans in Oregon.

Should I Contact More Than One Agent?
Health insurance companies file their premiums with the Oregon Insurance Division. Although prices for similar benefits vary greatly by insurance company, one agent can't get a better price than another for the same plan.
In shopping for an agent, consider:
  1. Service: Will your agent help you understand how your policy works and explain what's covered and not covered and what your costs will be? Will they help you with any claim issues? Will they check back to make sure your insurance needs don't change over time?
  2. Appointments: Agents who are appointed with more companies can do more comparison shopping for you. If you are interested in one particular company, make sure your agent can sell plans for that company.

What If I Want To Research Plans On My Own?
One way to research plans is to visit the websites of the different companies that sell individual plans in Oregon. Some agents in Oregon also have websites that allow you to compare plans from different companies. You can search for an insurance company at the Oregon Insurance Division's website. You can also use search engines to find them, typing in key words such as "health insurance in Oregon."

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