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Oregon County Data

There are 36 counties in Oregon that comprise 34 local public health authorities. The community-wide work of these authorities spans the state’s more than 98,000 square miles to affect the health of nearly 4 million Oregonians. Together with the state public health division and regional partners, the goal of these authorities is to reduce the burden of chronic disease by making it easier for all Oregonians to eat better, move more and live tobacco free wherever the live, work, play and learn.

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Adults by County, 2012-2015

A new statistical method was used to produce estimates of adult health in Oregon counties starting with the 2010-2013 county dataset. Because of this change, please do not compare any county BRFSS information you have from prior to the 2010-2013 adult county data to newer. More information on this change can be found here.

Chronic diseases: Includes arthritis, asthma, heart disease, heart attack, stroke, depression, diabetes, cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Percent of adults with chronic diseases

Number of adults with chronic diseases

Health risk and protective factors: Includes obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, reducing salt intake, fruit and vegetable consumption, and physical activity

Percent of adults with health risk and protective factors

Number of adults with health risk and protective factors

Health screenings: Includes blood sugar test, cholesterol checks, Pap tests, mammograms, and colorectal cancer screenings.

Percent of adults with health screenings

Number of adults with health screenings

Tobacco use and related topics: Includes cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco use, quit attempts, and smoking rules in the home and family car.

Percent of adults who use tobacco and other tobacco related topics

Number of adults who use tobacco and other tobacco related topics

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Youth by County, 2017

Alcohol: Includes general alcohol use, other substances, preferred type, retail environment and sources of alcohol.

Marijuana: Includes general marijuana use, other drug use, method of use and advertisement exposure.

Nutrition, physical activity, and weight status: Includes consumption of daily breakfast, fruits and vegetables, milk, sodas, or other sugary drinks; physical activity and physical education; screen time, and weight status.

8th grade

11 grade

Tobacco use and related topics: Includes overall tobacco use, cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco use, hookah smoking, quit attempts, sources of tobacco products, and asthma.

8th grade

11 grade

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Cancer Registry Data, 2010-2014

Includes new cases and deaths among Oregonians from all cancers, colorectal cancer, female breast cancer, lung cancer, melanoma of the skin cancer, and prostate cancer.

All cancers

Colorectal cancer

Female breast cancer

Lung cancer

Melanoma of the skin cancer

Prostate cancer

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Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management programs by County, 2012-2014

Stanford University Chronic Disease Self-Management programs help program participants take control of their health. This means they are better able to: work with their doctor, get support from family and friends, know how to work through problems such as pain, fatigue, or depression, learn how to be active and eat well, and understand how to use medications correctly. For more information about self-management programs, go to

Participant demographics

Numbers of programs and participants 2014


Hospitalizations by County, 2012-2014

Includes chronic disease hospitalization rates by county for the years 2012-2014 combined.

Chronic disease hospitalizations 

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