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Testing in Oregon Schools

Elevated radon is found throughout Oregon and in a variety of structures. The only way to know if a building has elevated radon is to test!

Under ORS 332. 166-167, school districts were required to submit a testing plan for schools to Oregon Health Authority (OHA) by September 1, 2016. Testing must be done before January 1, 2021.

What about charter schools? The school radon statute (ORS 332. 167) also applies to charter schools [also subject to health and safety statutes, per ORS 338. 115]. Charter school administrators were also required to send radon testing plans to OHA, as described above.

Tools for Schools

OHA's Testing for Elevated Radon in Oregon Schools - A Protocol and Plan provides school districts with a protocol to accurately test for elevated radon levels in school buildings.

Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA) has also created a generic model plan based off OHA's radon protocol above.

Other useful appendices for planning & conducting school radon testing:
  • Radon Test Placement Guide (fillable checklist): This document has been prepared to help schools and school district conduct radon measurements in schools. It is aimed at helping school districts determine where to test, how many test kits are required, where to place test kits, and proper documentation of the process. This document is meant to be used as a general guideline, not a mandate.
  • Step by Step Planning Guide (fillable): This fillable document is a recommended guide for determining the number of test kits needed at specific school site. It is intended to be used with the other information in the Protocol and Plan.
  • Radon Testing Log (fillable): This fillable log can be used for both planning the placement of test kits and recording data when testing of the school actually takes place. An example of the “Test Kit Placement Log” is on page 54 of the Protocol and Plan.
  • Sources of Radon Measurement Devices (Test Kits): A list of potential vendors from whom schools may be able to purchase radon test kits in bulk.
  •  Radon Testing Memo (fillable): Before radon measurement begins, schools may want to notify parents and school staff of the effort. This is an example memo that can be customized.
  • Radon Testing in Schools FAQ: This FAQ was prepared to help schools answer frequently asked questions about testing for radon in Oregon schools. It can be distributed widely.
  • Radon Testing in Progress Sign: This sign may be used by radon measurement teams, as needed, to let school staff, parents and students know that measurement for elevated radon in the school is taking place.

Has your school district sent a radon testing plan to OHA?

School district's plans may still be submitted by email, fax, or mailed to:

Oregon Radon Awareness Program
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 640
Portland, OR 97232-2162
Fax: 971-673-0979

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