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Social Marketing and Outreach

Outreach and Promotional Materials

Pocket Guides (English/Spanish)

Pocket guides are designed to be used in community businesses and community partner locations.

tri-fold brochure

Tri-fold, pocket-sized guide

English: My Ideal Birth Control - Dependable, Hassle Free (pdf)

Spanish: El control de la natilidad ideal para mí - Confiable, Simple (pdf)

Resources for Community Outreach and Education

Birth Control Methods Cards (pdf)
These are a series of slides which have images (under Creative Commons licenses) of various methods that can be used in an activity together with the Birth Control Presentation and Facilitator’s Guide.

Misconception Presentation (pdf)
This presentation contains colorful and engaging images to address some common misconceptions about contraception and conception. It can be used in a classroom or other group setting, and is intended to engage the audience in a robust discussion.

Misconception Facilitator’s Guide (pdf)
The Facilitator’s Guide accompanies the Misconception Presentation and contains some basic talking points and ideas for how to use this activity. This may be used in conjunction with the Birth Control and/or CCare Overview Presentations.

Client Resources for Providers and the General Public

Your Contraceptive Care and the Health Reform Law

These updated flyers describe the contraceptive care benefits and CCare services under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Download the flyer (August 2015 version):

Your Contraceptive Care and the Health Reform Law: Common Questions

These updated flyers answer frequently asked questions about contraceptive benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Download the flyer (August 2015 version):

Social Marketing Resources

  • Turning Point Social Marketing National Excellence Collaborative
    One of the very best resources available for social marketing with loads of excellent training and planning resources.
  • Hands-On Social Marketing: A Step-by Step Guide by Nedra Kline Weinreich, Sage Publications (June 1999)
    This is a user-friendly guide containing step-by-step instructions for planning a social marketing project, worksheets, checklists and more. To order, visit:
  • Making Health Communications Programs Work: A Planner's Guide
    National Cancer Institute (NCI), Health & Human Services
    An indispensable resource, visit the NCI web site to order a copy or download your own:
  • Population Services International
    "PSI deploys commercial marketing strategies to promote health products, services and other types of healthy behavior that enable low-income and other vulnerable people to lead healthier lives."

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