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Farm Direct Nutrition Program

Shopping with the WIC Farm Direct Nutrition Program

    Farm Direct Checks welcome here! sign
  • Take your checks to any participating farmers’ market or farm stand.
  • Look for the green signs that say “Oregon Farm Direct Nutrition Program Checks Welcome Here!” to find farmers who take Farm Direct checks.
  • Choose the fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables you want to buy. Organic products are allowed.
  • Choose only locally grown produce (no bananas, oranges, lemons, pineapples, etc.).
  • Tell the farmer you are using WIC Farm Direct checks.  

Tips for shopping at farmers' markets and farm stands 

  • Tell the farmer you are using WIC Farm Direct Farm Direct check
  • For the best selection, get there early.
  • Bring your own shopping bag.
  • Shop all through the summer and fall. Different fruits and vegetables are sold each month.
  • Let your child choose a fruit or vegetable to try.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables at your local markets when they are in season for the best quality and prices:

Apples July - October
Apricots July - August
Asparagus June - July
July - August
Blackberries   July - September
Bok choy July - October
Broccoli July - October
Cabbage July - October
Cantaloupe Aug.- September
Carrots July - October
Cauliflower June - October
Cherries July - July
Corn August - October
Cucumber July - September
Garlic June - October
Green beans July - August
Greens August - October
Lettuce June - October
Nectarines July - August
Onions June - October
Peaches June - August
Pears Aug. - Octpber
Peas June - July
Peppers August - October
Plums August - September
Potatoes July - October
Pumpkins September - October
Spinach June - July
Squash July - October
Strawberries June - July
Tomatoes July - October
Watermelon August - September

Recipes and hints for selecting, cooking and storing fruits and vegetables

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