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AFIX Immunization Assessment System

What is AFIX?

AFIX (Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange) is a quality improvement program used by Vaccines for Children (VFC) awardees to raise immunization coverage levels, reduce missed opportunities to vaccinate, and improve standards of practices at the provider level.

AFIX can help your clinic improve:

  • Immunization coverage rates; patients better protected against vaccine preventable diseases
  • Consistency in immunization services
  • Staff knowledge about immunizations
  • Clinic workflow around immunizations

How does AFIX work?

Participating clinics receive an assessment of their immunization rates, based on data submitted to the ALERT IIS Registry. This assessment will be shared during a feedback meeting, conducted by a VFC Health Educator—during this meeting, your Health Educator will walk staff at your clinic through a self-assessment of your clinic’s current immunization practices. A discussion of the self-assessment, along with data presented on your clinic’s coverage rates, will highlight areas of success and areas where improvements could be made. Your Health Educator will then assist clinic staff in setting realistic, attainable goals and creating a plan to meet these goals.

More Information

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