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Excellence in Education

The EMS Excellence in Education Pin recognizes an EMT who has attained education above an Associate Degree in Science.

Recipients of State EMS Excellence in Education Pin, listed in years of service and alphabetical order, are as follows

* No information available for 2001, 2003-2005, 2007-2012.


  • Scott Adams, EMT-Intermediate
Doctrine of Juris
  • Brian Coussens, EMT-Intermediate
Bachelors of Business
  • Levi Eckhardt, EMT-Intermediate
Bachelors of Science
  • Dale Evers, First Responder
Masters of Science
  • Kathleen Duling, EMT-Intermediate
Bachelors of Science
  • Kevin Duling, EMT-Intermediate
Bachelors of Business
  • Mark Hornshuh, EMT-Paramedic
Bachelors of Education
  • Jonathan Thurman, EMT-Basic
Bachelors of Computer Science
  • Gerry Veley, EMT-Intermediate
Bachelors of Modern Language


  • Bill Belding
  • Dave Binder
  • Don Gresham
  • Eric Giusto
  • John Peterson
  • Ken McGinnis
  • Tom Weis
EMS Excellence in Education Pin

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