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Accreditation (Environmental Laboratory) - ORELAP

Accreditation (Public Health)

Adolescent Growth and Development

Adult Behavior Risk

Adult Viral Hepatitis

AIDS (living with)

AIDS Facts and Data

AIDS Prevention and Testing

ALERT Immunization Information System

Alzheimer's Disease (dementia)

Ambulance Service Licensing

Annual Reports (vital statistics)

Antibiotic Resistance



A to Z List of Diseases



Babies (infant health)

Babies First! (nurse home visiting)

Babies Health Screening

Beach Water Quality

Birth Certificates

Birth Anomalies (birth defects)

Birth Control

Birth Data (vital statistics)

Blood Spot Screening (newborn screening)

Blue-green Algae





CAREAssist (Oregon's AIDS Drug Assistance Program)

Catering (food safety regulations)

CD Summary Newsletter

Certificate of Need

Change Vital Records

Child Care Health

Child Safety

Children's Health

Chronic Disease

Clandestine Drug Lab Cleanup

CLIA Certificate of Compliance or Accreditation

Climate Change

Clinical Laboratory Regulation

Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Reporting                      

Communicable Disease Testing (laboratory services)

Community Health

Community Planning

Contraceptive Care (CCare)

Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs)

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention



Data and Statistics

Death Certificates

Death Data (vital statistics)

Death with Dignity Act


Dental Sealants


Disease Control (for local health departments)

Disease Outbreaks

Disease Reporting (communicable disease)

Disease Surveillance Data

Diseases and Conditions

Diseases A to Z

Divorce Data (vital statistics)

Divorce Records (order record)

Drinking Water

Drug Lab Cleanup



EC / Emergency Contraception (pregnancy prevention after sexual assualt)

Electronic Laboratory Reporting

Emergency Management (preparedness and response)

Emerging Infections

Employment (job listing)

EMS and Trauma Systems

EMS Awards and Recognition

EMS Certification and Training

EMS for Children

EMS Mobile Training Unit

EMS Professional Standard Unit

Environmental Health Assessment

Environmental Laboratory Accreditation

Environmental Public Health Tracking



Facilities Planning and Safety (health care facilities)

Falls Prevention for Older Adults

FamilyNet (ORCHIDS)

Fetal Death Data (vital statistics)

First Tooth Project

Flu Prevention

Flu Shots (getting immunized)

Food Carts (food safety regulations)

Food Handler Cards

Food Safety

Foodborne Disease



Genetic Conditions

Genetics Services

Get Vital Records

Groundwater and Source Water Protection



Harmful Algae Blooms

Health Alert Network (HAN)

Health Alerts (current hazards)

Health at School

Health Care Facilities

Health Care Providers

Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement

Health Hazard Events (archive)

Health Impact Assessment

Health in All Policies

Health Licensing Office (HLO)

Health Screening (babies)

Health Screening (newborn blood spot screening)

Health Screening (women)

Health Security (preparedness and response)

Health Status Indicators

Health Surveys

Health System Transformation

Healthcare-Associated Infections

Healthy Communities

Healthy Homes and Neighborhoods

Healthy People and Families

Healthy Worksites

Heart Disease and Stroke


Hepatitis B (and pregnancy)

Hepatitis B Vaccine

HIV (living with)

HIV Facts and Data

HIV Prevention and Testing

Home Visiting System

HPV (human papillomavirus)




Immunization (provider resources)

Immunization Partnerships

Immunization Records

Immunization Rules and Laws

Indoor Clean Air Act (Smokefree Workplace Law)

Induced Abortion

Infections (healthcare-associated)

Influenza Surveillance

Injury Data

Injury and Violence Prevention

Institutional Review Board



Jobs (local health departments)

Jobs (Public Health Division)



Lab Test Menu (Oregon State Public Health Laboratory)

Laboratory Compliance

Laboratory Response Network

Laboratory Services          

Lead (in child care and schools)

Lead Abatement and Inspection

Lead Exposure (County Health Department Resources)

Lead Paint Regulations (renovation, repair and painting rule)

Lead Poisoning (exposure to lead)

Lead Poisoning (work-related)

Lead-safe Work (contractors and painters)

Licensing and Certification

Living Well (managing chronic conditions)

Local Health Department Resources



Marijuana and Your Health

Marriage Data (vital statistics)

Marriage Records (order record)

Maternal Mental Health

MCH Title V Block Grant

Meaningful Use for Public Health (electronic health records)

Medical Marijuana

Meningococcal Disease

Men's Health

Mental Health (maternal)

Menu Labeling

Mobile Training Unit

Mobile Unit (food cart) Applications and Guidelines

Modernization (of public health systems)




Naloxone (Narcan)

Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn Safety (safe place for newborns law)

Newborn Screening (blood spot screening)

News and Advisories




Obesity Prevention

OMMP - Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Operator Certification (Drinking Water)

Opioid Overdose and Misuse

Oral Health

ORCHIDS (FamilyNet)

Oregon Healthy Teens

Oregon Lab Requirements

Oregon Vital Events Registration System (OVERS)

ORELAP (environmental laboratory accreditation)

Outbreaks (Communicable Disease)



Parasitology Image Library

Patient Safety

Perinatal Health (data indicators)

Perinatal Hepatitis B


Physical Activity

POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)

Pools and Lodging

PRAMS (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System)

Preconception Health


Prenatal and Newborn Resource Guide

Preparedness and Response (health security)

Preparedness Resources for Partners

Preparedness Surveillance and Epidemiology

Preparing for Emergencies

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Prevention and Wellness

Program Design and Evaluation Services

Provider and Partner Resources

Public Health Accreditation

Public Health Advisory Board (PHAB)

Public Health and Education

Public Health Division (about us)

Public Health Emergency Response

Public Health Evaluation and Research

Public Health for Veterinarians

Public Health Modernization

Public Health Spotlight

Public Health Week



Quality Improvement (in Public Health)

Quitting Tobacco




Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Protection

Radioactive Materials Licensing

Radiological Emergency Response

Radon Gas

Recovery from Emergencies

Recreation and the Environment

Register Vital Records

Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule

Reporting Communicable Disease

Reproductive and Sexual Health

Reproductive Health (provider resources)

Research and Program Evaluation

Respond (in an emergency)

Restaurants and Food Service Regulations

Rules and Regulations (OARs and ORS)



Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund

Safe Place for Newborns Law

Safe Surrender for Newborns


Self Management (of your health)

SERV-OR (State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon)

Sexual Health (youth)

Sexual Violence Prevention

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Shots for School and Child Care (vaccines)

Smokefree Workplace Law (Indoor Clean Air Act)

State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)

STD Data


Submitting Samples (laboratory services)

Substance Use

Suicide Prevention




Tanning Device Registration

Teen Pregnancy Data

Test Results (laboratory services)

Title V Block Grant (maternal and child health)

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Education

Tobacco Prevention

Tobacco-Free State Properties

Toxic Substances

Tracking and Assessment

Trauma Systems

Tuberculosis Program



Vaccine Safety

Vaccines and Immunization

Veterinary Reporting

Viral Hepatitis (Adult)

Vital Events Registration System (OVERS)

Vital Records (birth, death, marriage, divorce)

Vital Statistics

Volunteer Registry (SERV-OR)



Water System Operations

Wellness at Work

West Nile Virus

WIC (nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children)

WIC (online nutrition education)

Wildfires and Smoke

Women's Health

Workplace Health



X-ray Device Registration



Youth Health

Youth Sexual Health

Youth Suicide Prevention

YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey)




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