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Adult Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Initiative (AMHI)

The Addictions and Mental Health (AMH) division together with consumers, Oregon's Mental Health Organizations (MHO), Community Mental Health Programs, providers and others have embarked on an ambitious initiative that will change the way adult mental health services are delivered in Oregon. The Adult Mental Health Initiative known as AMHI ("Aim-High") is designed to ensure that the right types of services are delivered at the right time to adults with mental illness.

All-Hazards Behavioral Health Response

The Oregon Behavioral Health Emergency Response Plan is designed to implement an evidence-based system for mediating behavioral health consequences for those impacted by disaster and major emergency incidents. It addresses needs of victims, their families, responders, and the public at large.

Blue Mountain Recovery Center

Blue Mountain Recovery Center is a 60-bed inpatient adult mental health care facility in Pendleton, operated by the Oregon Health Authority's Addictions and Mental Health Division.

Civil Commitment

Civil commitment is a process in which a judge decides whether a person who is alleged to be mentally ill should be required to go to a psychiatric hospital or accept other mental health treatment. This web page contains the form used by hospitals, courts, and community mental health programs (CMHPs) regarding this process.

Co-Occurring Disorders

The high prevalence of alcohol and other drug addiction co-occurring with mental health disorders requires concurrent and coordinated identification, evaluation, and treatment.

Early Psychosis and the Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA)

Early intervention in psychosis is a well-researched model that is based on the observation that identifying and treating someone in the early stages of a psychosis can significantly improve their longer-term outcome. The 2007 Oregon legislature funded EASA to bring the most current, evidence-based treatment to individuals in the early stages of illness.

Forensic Evaluator Certification

This web page provides certification information for psychiatrists and licensed psychologists, in addition to a list of those that are certified.


This web page lists the housing opportunities at the Villebois Community Housing in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Integrated Management and Service Delivery

Two recent legislatively funded reports; one on the mental health system and one on the addictions system, identified the complicated structure of the mental health and addiction systems in Oregon. At the direction of the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Services, AMH is moving forward with the establishment of two or three demonstration projects that will integrate addictions, mental health, and physical health services in Oregon.

Oregon State Hospital

This web page is the homepage for all Oregon State Hospital information.

Oregon State Hospital Replacement Project

This web page is the homepage for information and updates on the OSH replacement project.

Peer-Delivered Services

The Addictions and Mental Health Services Division (AMH) recognizes the indisputable value of peer delivered services in transforming a mental health and addiction service delivery system that is based on the recovery model. AMH works with consumers/survivors and stakeholders to develop strategies to increase the use and availability of peer delivered services.

Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR Program)

Medicaid regulations require States to maintain a PASRR program to screen nursing facility applicants and residents for serious mental illness. The purpose of PASRR is to assess, through progressive screening, whether applicants for nursing facilities have mental illness or retardation, and if the nursing facility is an appropriate placement.

Tobacco Freedom

The AMH Tobacco Freedom Initiative is a step toward assisting individuals to achieve personal health and wellness. The initiative includes a policy that addresses tobacco-free AMH funded residential facilities and resources for education and tobacco cessation.

Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Specific Services

It is the policy of AMH that all state and community providers, and those who oversee public mental health and addiction services are informed about the effects of psychological trauma, assess for the presence of symptoms and problems related to that trauma, and develop and offer services that facilitate recovery in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules.


OHA and AMH have begun forming a peer-driven task force to develop health and lifestyle measures and resources to increase the lifespan of those affected by mental illness.