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GeneralWill AMH be able to give service providers any data back?
AMH will be setting up a web based reporting system for our counties and providers to access, run reports and view data. It won't be fully operational until 2016, but providers can request reports now. See http://www.oregon.gov/oha/amh/mots/Pages/Data-Requests.aspx for more information.
GeneralIf we don't have to do termination "forms", how do you know outcome information?
Within the Data Submission Guide is a data point titled “Client Treatment Status”. This information will provide us the status of the client and through status updates and non-Medicaid service data AMH will be able to generate information regarding outcomes.
Non-Medicaid ServicesWhat particular non-Medicaid service data will need to be submitted?
A limited amount of data for non-Medicaid services is required. This information will assist us in capturing data that we currently cannot report to the legislature and federal government and to track outcomes on the clients. More information regarding non-Medicaid services is available within the document; “Policy on Non-Medicaid Service Data Submission to AMH” located at: http://www.oregon.gov/oha/amh/mots/internalresources/Policy%20on%20Non-Medicaid%20Service%20Data%20Submission%20to%20AMH.pdf.
Non-Medicaid ServicesNon-Medicaid service data: What are the expectations for submission? Quarterly or when a service  is rendered?
AMH would like to see non-Medicaid Service data, services that are not funded by Medicaid, submitted shortly after the service is rendered. The data must be submitted every 30 days and is due by the 15th of each month for the non-Medicaid services provided during the previous month.
Non-Medicaid ServicesAs far as encounter data, will we continue to submit our Medicaid encounter data as we do now and  then submit the same data to another place?
No. Your Medicaid claims will continue to be submitted to the same place. Do not submit Medicaid services to MOTS, as we can pull it from the MMIS system. The non-Medicaid service data that MOTS will collect is for those services you provide that are not paid with Medicaid funds or through Medicaid billings, but are paid for with public funds.
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