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Applies To
Plan5/15/2017Procedure code H2023 and IPS Supported Employment servicesCCOs
Provider5/12/2017Fee-for-service clinical lab and physician-administered drug rate updates effective January 1 2017Medical-surgical providers
Provider4/25/2017Fee-for-service reprocessing of DRG outpatient claims planned for May 5, 2017DRG hospitals
Provider4/24/2017Reminder - Limits to retroactive authorization of behavioral health servicesAdult foster homes, Community Mental Health Programs, residential treatment providers
Public notice4/21/2017Request for comment - State Plan Amendment to describe Medicaid outpatient drug payment methodology, effective June 1, 2017All interested parties
Plan3/10/2017Requirements and resources for mental health parity self-assessmentsCCOs
Provider3/8/2017Fee-for-service billing for long acting reversible contraception (LARC) devices inserted at deliveryHospitals
Provider3/6/2017OHP fee-for-service coverage of back and spine pain diagnosis and treatmentAll Providers
Provider2/28/2017Fee-for-service nursing facility rate changes effective January 1, 2017Hospice providers
Plan, Provider2/28/2017Centralized Medicaid Eligibility and Integrated Eligibility ProjectAll interested parties
Provider2/10/2017Fee-for-service reprocessing planned for February 17, 2017Hospitals, Medical-surgical providers
Provider2/6/2017HPE reporting changes for 2017HPE determination sites
Provider2/3/2017Billing and reimbursement for family planning services to CCO membersFamily planning clinics
Provider2/3/2017Fee-for-service reprocessing of inpatient claims planned for February 10, 2017Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider2/3/2017Changes to the continuity of care disenrollment process, effective February 1, 2017Primary care providers
Plan, Provider1/31/2017Changes to fee-for-service dental coverage effective January 1 2017Dental providers, DCOs, CCOs
Provider1/27/2017Provider Matters - January 2017All Providers
Plan1/20/2017Changes in review process for annual DSN Provider Capacity ReportCCOs
Provider12/16/2016Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2015-2016 EM claims scheduled for December 16, 2016Medical-surgical providers
Provider12/16/2016Rate increase for polygraph services effective November 1, 2016Affected Providers
Provider12/16/2016Provider Matters - December 2016All Providers
Provider12/16/2016Fee-for-service home health rates effective January 1, 2017Home health providers
Plan, Provider12/16/2016Reminder about reimbursement rates for outpatient servicesType A/B Critical Access Hospitals, CCOs
Provider12/9/2016Changes to fee-for-service coverage of Lovenox, Imitrex and generic alternativesPharmacies
Provider12/8/2016Oregon Health Plan changes effective January 1, 2017All Providers
Public notice12/7/2016Request for Comment - State Plan Amendment for CPC Plus Reimbursement Model - Comments due 12-22-2016All interested parties
Provider11/23/2016Provider Matters - November 2016All Providers
Plan, Provider11/18/2016OHP now enrolling interns and non-clinical behavioral health providersCCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider11/18/2016Fee-for-service outpatient claim reprocessing scheduled for November 18, 2016Oregon DRG hospitals
Plan11/14/2016Coverage of behavioral health telemedicine servicesCCOs
Provider11/14/2016Change in Core-Based Service Area (CBSA) codes for Albany, Grants Pass and rural areasHospice providers
Provider11/10/2016Fee-for-service coverage of ICD-10 codes Z09 and Z01.818Medical-surgical providers
Provider11/10/2016Hospital hold process ends May 1 2017Hospitals
Provider11/4/2016Send completed W4 to OHA by December 30, 2016Personal care attendants
Provider10/26/2016Provider Matters - October 2016All Providers
Provider10/20/2016Reminder about unauthorized overtimePersonal care attendants, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider10/11/2016Flucelvax QIV code 90674 now open for fee-for-service billing effective August 1, 2016Medical practitioners, Pharmacies
Provider10/7/2016Fee-for-service hospice rates, effective October 1, 2016Hospice providers
Provider9/30/2016Provider Matters - September 2016All Providers
Provider9/23/2016Hospital Presumptive Eligiblity for OHP PharmaciesHPE determination sites, Pharmacies
Provider9/21/2016Changes due to June 24, 2016 overtime agreementPersonal care attendants, Community Mental Health Programs
Public notice9/1/2016Request for Comment - OHP Fee-for-Service Access Monitoring Plan - Comments due Sept. 30, 2016All interested parties
Provider8/26/2016Provider Matters - August 2016All Providers
Provider8/5/2016New plan of care requests required for continued authorization of adult foster home servicesAdult foster homes, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider7/29/2016Provider Matters - July 2016All Providers
Provider7/29/2016Fee-for-service coverage of botulinum toxins now requires prior authorizationMedical-surgical providers, Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider7/21/2016Use the H9 modifier to identify jail diversion services provided to OHP membersBehavioral health providers, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider7/7/2016Fee-for-service nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2016Hospice providers
Plan, Provider7/5/2016Oregon Health Plan will cover long-term acute care hospital services effective July 1, 2016Hospitals, CCOs
Provider6/22/2016Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for June 25, 2016Medical-surgical providers
Provider6/17/2016Point of Sale downtime planned for July 2-4, 2016Pharmacies
Provider6/15/2016KEPRO will review all OHP fee-for service behavioral health authorizations effective July 1, 2016Community Mental Health Programs, AMH-Licensed Residential and Outpatient Providers, AMH-Licensed Adult Foster Homes
Plan, Provider6/13/2016MMIS downtime planned for July 2-4, 2016All Providers, All plans
Plan, Provider6/13/2016Increase in PRTS and Sub-Acute daily ratesChildren's psychiatric residential treatment providers, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider6/10/2016Change to Benzodiazepine PA Criteria effective July 1, 2016Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider6/10/2016Fee-for-service outpatient claim reprocessing scheduled for June 17, 2016Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider6/7/2016Coordinating care for Oregon Health Plan members who receive applied behavior analysis servicesSchool-Based Health Services providers
Provider6/7/2016HPE Training and UpdatesHospitals, HPE determination sites
Provider6/3/2016Behavior rehabilitation services rate for 2015-2017 biennium, effective May 1, 2016Behavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider5/31/2016Changes to Oregon Health Plan adult dental benefit effective July 1, 2016Dental providers
Provider5/31/2016Provider Matters - May 2016All Providers
Provider5/17/2016Reminder - Join OHA at the May Provider CollaborativeAll Providers
Provider5/3/2016July 1 2016 changes to applied behavioral analysis service contactsApplied behavioral analysis providers
Provider4/22/2016Indian Health Service all-inclusive encounter rate effective January 1, 2016Indian Health Service (IHS) clinics, Tribal 638 clinics
Provider4/22/2016Fee-for-service claims and Place of Service code 19Medical-surgical providers
Provider4/22/2016Provider Matters - April 2016All Providers
Provider3/23/2016Fee-for-service reimbursement of medical electrolysis servicesMedical electrolysis providers
Provider3/23/2016Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for March 26, 2016Medical-surgical providers
Provider3/23/2016Provider Matters - March 2016All Providers
Provider3/22/2016Fee-for-service RVU-weight-based rates effective April 1 2016Medical-surgical providers
Provider3/22/2016Fee-for-service rates for DHS-OHA private duty nursing services effective March 1, 2016Private duty nursing providers
Public notice3/18/2016Request for comments - State Plan Amendment for DHS Long-Term Care Changes - Comments due March 31, 2016All interested parties
Provider3/15/2016Fee-for-service outpatient claim reprocessing scheduled for March 18, 2016Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider3/11/2016Online remittance advices available starting March 20, 2016All Providers
Provider3/8/2016Requirements for out-of-hospital births effective December 1 2015Direct entry midwives, Medical-surgical providers, Midwives, Nurse practitioners
Provider2/19/2016Provider Matters - February 2016All Providers
Provider2/17/2016Fee-for-service hospice rates, effective October 1, 2015Hospice providers
Plan2/12/2016Coverage criteria for direct acting antiviral treatments of hepatitis CCCOs
Provider2/9/2016Fee-for-service inpatient claim reprocessing scheduled for February 12, 2016Hospitals
Provider2/9/2016Join OHA for Provider Appeals Webinar on Tuesday, February 16All Providers
Provider2/3/2016Billing for 2016 SBHS Medicaid services using accepted 2016 costsSchool-Based Health Services providers
Public notice2/1/2016Notice of intent to submit Section 1115 Waiver renewal application - Accepting comments February 5 through March 7, 2016All interested parties
Provider1/28/2016Changes to provider administrative review process effective March 1, 2016All Providers
Provider1/28/2016Fee-for-service RVU-weight-based rates effective January 1, 2016Medical-surgical providers
Provider1/22/2016Provider Matters - January 2016All Providers
Plan, Provider1/15/2016Changes to Provider Web Portal Eligibility Verification screen effective January 11, 2016All Providers, CCOs
Plan, Provider1/11/2016Rendering provider required on all behavioral health claims effective March 1, 2016Mental health providers, Substance use disorder treatment providers, CCOs, MHOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider12/23/2015Updates about January 1, 2016 AFH rate changesAdult foster homes, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider12/23/2015Provider Matters - December 2015All Providers
Provider12/16/2015Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for December 18, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider12/7/2015Fee-for-service claim reprocessing planned for December 11, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Plan, Public notice12/7/20152015-17 Competitive Application Process - Funding for Substance Use Disorder Day Treatment with Housing Support ServicesAll interested parties, Substance use disorder treatment providers, Tribal health centers, CCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider12/3/2015Payment schedule and other changes start January 1, 2016Personal care attendants, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider11/30/2015Provider Matters - November 2015All Providers
Provider11/18/2015Planned out-of-hospital births will require prior authorization starting December 1, 2015Birthing centers, Direct entry midwives, Maternal health care providers, Maternity case managers, Medical practitioners, Medical-surgical providers, Midwives, Nurse practitioners, Physicians
Plan11/13/2015Outpatient Day Treatment with Housing Support Services funding opportunitiesCCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider11/5/2015AFH rate setting changes effective January 1, 2016Adult foster homes, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider11/5/2015Fee-for-service inpatient claim reprocessing planned for November 20, 2015Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider10/16/2015Provider Matters - October 2015All Providers
Plan, Provider10/2/2015Oregon DRG hospital reimbursement under the Oregon Health PlanOregon DRG hospitals, CCOs
Provider9/29/2015Temporary process for adding ICD-10 codes to prior authorization approvalsAffected Providers
Provider9/24/2015Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for September 26, 2015Medical-surgical providers, Vaccines for Children providers
EDI Submitter, Provider9/21/2015ICD-10 Readiness Surveys now openAll Providers
Provider9/18/2015Provider Matters - September 2015All Providers
Plan, Provider9/16/2015ICD-10 Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) updatesAll Providers, All plans
Provider9/16/2015ICD-10, FFS prior authorizations and prior-authorized claimsAffected Providers
Provider9/4/2015September 4 reprocessing of some fee-for-service physician-administered drug claims340B Drug Program providers, Ambulatory surgical centers, Family planning clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Hospital, Medical-surgical providers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers
Provider9/4/2015Fee-for-service claim processing changes effective October 1, 2015Hospitals
Plan, Provider9/1/2015ICD-10 provider resource updates and webinarAll Providers, All plans
Plan, Provider8/27/2015SBHCs and medical sponsors – Use the UB modifier to identify medical and behavioral health services provided by SBHCsBilling providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Federally Qualified Health Centers, Public health departments, CCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider8/24/2015Provider Matters - August 2015All Providers
Public notice8/14/2015Section 1115 Waiver Renewal Application for Oregon CCare Program - Comments due 9-18-2015All interested parties
EDI Submitter7/30/2015EDI Bulletin - ICD-10 Fee-for-Service Testing Begins August 3, 2015Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners, EDI submitters
Provider7/17/2015Provider Matters - July 2015All Providers
Provider7/10/2015July 1, 2015 changes to adult mental health residential services contactsAMH-licensed residential treatment providers, AMH-Licensed Adult Foster Homes
Provider7/2/2015Fee-for-service nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2015Hospice providers
Provider6/26/2015June 2015 reprocessing of some fee-for-service physician-administered drug claims340B Drug Program providers, Ambulatory surgical centers, Family planning clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Hospital, Medical-surgical providers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers
Provider6/26/2015Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for June 27, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider6/22/2015Dental examinations under the OHP Recommended Periodicity ScheduleDental providers
Provider6/19/2015Provider Matters - June 2015All Providers
Plan, Provider6/12/2015OHP and ICD-10 readinessAll Providers, All plans
Public notice6/4/2015Extend OHA Hospital Transformation Performance Program through June 30, 2017 - Comments due July 15, 2015All interested parties
Provider5/29/2015Join us June 18 for Provider Collaborative - Pharmacy Business Processes and Claims BillingAll Providers
Provider5/22/2015Change to fee-for-service colonoscopy reimbursement effective June 1, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider5/19/2015Provider Matters - May 2015All Providers
Provider5/13/2015Codes that will require fee-for-service prior authorization starting July 1, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider4/22/2015Provider Matters - April 2015All Providers
Provider4/6/2015HPE Data Request and UpdatesHPE determination sites
Provider3/27/2015Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for March 28, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider3/26/2015Hospital Presumptive Eligibility updates and remindersHPE determination sites
Provider3/23/2015Provider Matters - March 2015All Providers
Provider3/5/2015Code A0434 re-opened for fee-for-service payment effective July 1, 2013Ambulance providers
Provider2/20/2015Provider Matters - February 2015All Providers
Provider1/28/2015January 30 2015 webinar - Provider Options to Verify Atypical OHP EligibilityAll Providers
Provider1/16/2015Provider Matters - January 2015All Providers
Provider1/15/2015Fee-for-service billing for drugs of abuse testing codes effective Jan. 1, 2015Clinical labs
Provider1/15/2015Fee-for-service RVU-weight-based rates effective January 1, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider1/12/2015Oregon Health Plan covers Applied Behavior Analysis services effective January 1, 2015Affected Providers, CCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Plan, Provider1/12/20152014-2015 Prioritized List of Health Services effective January 1, 2015All Providers, CCOs
Provider12/24/2014Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for December 27, 2014Medical-surgical providers, Vaccines for Children Providers
Provider12/19/2014Accepted 2015 code sets for Radiation Oncology and Lower GI Endoscopy servicesAmbulatory surgical centers, Medical-surgical providers, CCOs
Public notice12/17/2014Extend OHA Tribal Uncompensated Care Program through June 30, 2017 - Comments due 1-17-2015All interested parties
Provider12/16/2014Outpatient billing for hospital dentistry claims effective January 1, 2015Hospital
Provider12/4/2014Level of Service Inventory required for AFH Plan of Care Authorizations starting January 1, 2015Community Mental Health Programs, AMH-Licensed Adult Foster Homes
Public notice12/1/2014Update description of new adult Medicaid population to align with OHP Plus benefit package - Comments due December 31, 2014All interested parties
Public notice12/1/2014Make Oregon's CCare program part of Oregon's Medicaid State Plan - Comments due December 31, 2014All interested parties
Provider11/28/2014Provider Matters - November 2014All Providers
Provider11/18/2014Federal primary care rate increase ending December 31, 2014Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider11/14/2014Filling prescriptions for Oregon Medicaid clients who are not in the Oregon MMIS Point of Sale systemPharmacies
Provider11/14/2014Eligibility verification for HealthCare.gov OHP applicants effective November 15, 2014All Providers
Provider11/10/2014How to submit inmate Medicaid applications effective November 15, 2014Correctional facilities
Provider11/10/2014No changes to HPE process due to federal Health Insurance MarketplaceHPE determination sites
Provider10/29/2014Prior authorization and billing requirements for rehabilitative mental health services provided in AMH-licensed settingsAMH-licensed residential treatment providers, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider10/24/2014Provider Matters - October 2014All Providers
Provider10/23/2014October 2014 PDL and prior authorization criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Plan, Provider10/16/2014Encounter reporting of 340B-eligible drugs dispensed to Oregon Health Plan (OHP) clients340B Drug Program providers, Pharmacies, FCHPs, PCO, CCOs
Provider10/8/2014Change in DMAP provider call center hours effective October 20, 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider10/1/2014Providing enteral nutrition services for children with Oregon Health Plan benefitsEnteral nutrition companies, Hospital discharge planners, CCOs
Provider9/26/2014Provider Matters - September 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider9/25/2014Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective October 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Provider9/24/2014Fee-for-service hospice rates effective October 1, 2014Hospice providers
Provider9/24/2014Fee-for-service home health rates effective January 1, 2015Home health providers
Provider9/17/2014August-September 2014 PDL and prior authorization criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider9/12/2014Reminders about billing for services to Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs)All Providers
Provider9/12/2014Changes to paper claim mailing addresses effective October 1, 2014All Providers
Provider9/4/2014Location change for September 16 BRS Review Committee meetingBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider8/20/2014Clarifications about BRS Review Committee membershipBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider8/15/2014Provider Matters - August 2014All Providers
Provider7/18/2014Provider Matters - July 2014All Providers
Provider7/16/2014Preferred Drug List and prior authorization criteria updates effective July 15, 2014Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider7/7/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of substance use disorder claims planned for July 18, 2014Substance use disorder treatment providers, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider6/26/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 4th Quarter 2012 outpatient claims planned for June 27, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider6/23/2014Provider Matters - June 2014All Providers
Public notice6/23/2014Request for comment - Oregon's Medicaid 1915(c) Medically Involved Children's Waiver - Responses due July 23, 2014All interested parties
Provider6/20/2014Nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2014Hospice providers
Provider6/18/2014Third-trimester exemptions from coordinated care organization (CCO) enrollment will continue on and after July 1, 2014Maternal health care providers
Provider6/17/2014New Medicaid eligibility process for county jail inmatesCorrectional facilities
Provider6/17/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 3rd Quarter 2012 outpatient claims planned for June 20, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider6/5/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient claims to resume June 6, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider5/30/2014Changes in non-emergency transportation contacts effective July 1, 2014Affected Providers, Ambulance providers, Home care workers, Hospital, Living settings
Plan5/23/2014DMAP reimbursement for procedure code T1015FCHPs, PCO, CCOs
Provider5/23/2014Provider Matters - May 2014All Providers
Provider5/23/2014Information about Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) for OHP pharmaciesHPE determination sites, Pharmacies
Plan, Provider5/21/2014Fee-for-service payment for code 90460 closed May 7, 2014Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers, FCHPs, PCO, CCOs
Provider5/19/2014Clarification about fee-for-service rate increase for procedure code T1015Family planning clinics
Provider5/13/2014Fee-for-service rate increase for procedure code T1015 effective June 1, 2014Family planning clinics
Provider5/13/2014Changes to billable fee-for-service laboratory codes effective June 1, 2014Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Clinical labs, Hospital, Ordering providers
Provider4/25/2014Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) and Incarcerated IndividualsHPE determination sites
Provider4/24/2014New Hospital Presumptive Eligibility process effective January 1, 2014All Providers, HPE determination sites
Provider4/22/2014Status of fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient claimsOregon DRG hospitals
Provider4/18/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of HK claims planned for April 25, 2014Community Mental Health Programs, AMH-Licensed Residential and Outpatient Providers
Provider4/18/2014Provider Matters - April 2014All Providers
Provider3/28/2014March 21, 2014 Preferred Drug List (PDL) and PA Criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider3/25/2014Provider Matters - March 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider3/20/2014Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective April 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Member3/6/2014Changes for OHP medical transportation clients and Cascade East Ride CenterAll interested parties, Affected Providers, Transportation providers, Affected members
Provider2/28/2014Provider Matters - February 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider2/25/20142014-2015 Prioritized List of Health Services to become effective October 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Provider1/17/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient claims to resume January 17, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider1/17/2014Provider Matters - January 2014All Providers
Public notice1/14/2014Amend DME fee schedule to a percentage of 2012 Medicare Fee Schedule - Comments due February 7, 2014All interested parties
Provider1/13/2014Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List update effective January 10, 2014Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider1/3/2014Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List and prior authorization criteria updates effective January 1, 2014Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider1/3/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of some dental claims scheduled for January 10, 2014Dental providers
Provider12/24/2013Provider Matters - December 2013All Providers
Provider12/20/2013Fee-for-service RVU-weight-based rates effective January 1, 2014Medical-surgical providers
Public notice12/16/2013Proposal to reimburse certain primary care physicians using site of service adjustments - Responses due 1-15-2014All interested parties
Provider12/11/2013Fee-for-service reprocessing of some extended care claimsNursing facilities
Provider12/11/2013Fee-for-service reprocessing of some anesthesia claimsAnesthesia provider, Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses)
Provider11/21/2013Provider Matters - November 2013All Providers
Provider11/7/2013New process and form for Inpatient Hospital Requests for OHP ApplicationsHospital
Provider11/7/2013Medicaid Provider Enrollment Process for Behavior Rehabilitation Services ProvidersBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider11/7/2013New form – OHP Client Agreement to Pay for Health Services, DMAP 3165All Providers
Provider10/31/2013Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient DRG claims to begin November 8, 2013Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider10/24/2013Place of service to determine fee-for-service RVU-based payments starting January 1, 2014Ambulatory surgical centers, Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Hospital
Provider10/21/2013Provider Matters - October 2013All Providers
Plan, Provider9/30/2013Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective October 1, 2013All Providers, All plans
Provider9/26/2013Fee-for-service rate change for surgical assists, effective October 1, 2013Medical-surgical providers
Provider9/26/2013Provider Matters - September 2013All Providers
Provider9/26/2013Fee-for-service hospice rates effective October 1, 2013Hospice providers
Provider9/17/2013CAWEM Plus prenatal benefit expands to all Oregon counties effective October 1, 2013All Providers
Member9/17/2013CAWEM Plus benefits will be available in all Oregon counties beginning October 1, 2013Affected members
Provider8/30/2013Primary Care Management contracts end September 30, 2013Primary Care Managers
Member8/30/2013Open card members moving to CCO October 1Affected members
Public notice8/28/2013Oregon Medicaid Alternative Benefit Plans under the Affordable Care Act - Responses due 9-30-2013All interested parties
Provider8/16/2013Provider Matters - August 2013All Providers
Provider8/1/2013County Behavior Rehabilitation Service rate changes effective August 1 to December 31, 2013Behavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider7/30/2013Changes to fee-for-service inpatient claim processing for Health Care-Acquired Conditions starting September 1, 2013Type A/B Critical Access Hospitals
Provider7/19/2013Provider Matters - July 2013All Providers
Provider7/3/20132013-2014 Federal Primary Care Rate UpdatePhysicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing General Internal Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, or Family Medicine
Provider6/26/2013Hospice-nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2013Hospice providers, Nursing facilities
Provider6/21/2013Provider Matters - June 2013All Providers
Provider6/20/2013July 1, 2013 authorization changes to non-emergency ambulance transportationAmbulance providers, Hospital, Nursing facilities, Living settings and facilities that arrange for non-emergency ambulance transports
Member6/20/2013Change in prior authorization and reimbursement contact for travel expensesMembers with OHP Plus (BMM, BMD, BMH) or CWX benefits
Provider6/7/2013Fee-for-service home health rates effective July 1, 2013Home health providers
Provider5/17/2013Switching to electronic rate change notifications - Subscribe todayHospice providers
Provider5/17/2013Provider Matters - May 2013All Providers
Provider5/17/2013Switching to electronic rate change notifications – Subscribe todayHospice providers
Provider4/29/2013Preferred Drug List and PA criteria updates effective May 1, 2013Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Plan, Provider4/18/2013Implementation status and updated training for hospice in nursing facility payment processHospice providers, Nursing facilities, All plans
Provider4/18/2013Provider Matters - April 2013All Providers
Provider4/18/2013Updates about the 2013-2014 primary care rate increaseNurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider4/8/2013340B drugs at acquisition cost for all OHP members340B Drug Program providers
Provider3/29/2013Retraction of Interim modification to HERC Prioritized List Guideline 85 effective April 1, 2013All Providers
Provider3/28/2013Provider Matters - March 2013All Providers
Provider3/27/2013Medicare Grouper Version 30 mass adjustment on April 12, 2013Hospital
Provider3/20/2013Fee-for-service Relative-Value Unit weight-based rates effective January 1, 2013Medical-surgical providers
Provider3/20/2013Spring 2013 Provider Training and Resource UpdatesAll Providers
Plan, Provider3/15/2013Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective April 1, 2013All Providers, All plans
Provider2/15/2013Provider Matters - February 2013All Providers
Provider2/14/2013Attestation form now available – Attest to meeting CMS’s new primary care provider definitionNurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider2/14/2013Reminders about verifying client eligibility, enrollment status and benefitsAll Providers
Provider1/31/2013Include the Rendering Provider’s ID on Oregon Medicaid claimsAMH-Certified Community Mental Health Programs and AMH-Approved Chemical Dependency Treatment Providers
Provider1/25/2013Clarification about how new CMS definition of primary care affects Oregon primary care providersNurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider1/22/2013Reduce paper claims by using the Provider Web PortalProviders who bill DMAP fewer than 50 claims a month
Provider1/17/2013Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) methodology to be implemented Jan. 22, 2013Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider1/17/2013Provider Matters - January 2013All Providers
Provider1/9/2013Clarifying issues with hospice and nursing facility contracts, and client optionsHospice providers, Nursing facilities
Plan1/4/2013Changes to primary care provider definition and primary care rates effective Jan. 1, 2013FCHPs, PCO, CCOs, MHOs