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Provider7/17/2015Provider Matters - July 2015All Providers
Provider7/10/2015July 1, 2015 changes to adult mental health residential services contactsAMH-licensed residential treatment providers, AMH-Licensed Adult Foster Homes
Provider7/2/2015Fee-for-service nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2015Hospice providers
Provider6/26/2015June 2015 reprocessing of some fee-for-service physician-administered drug claims340B Drug Program providers, Ambulatory surgical centers, Family planning clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, Hospital, Medical-surgical providers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers
Provider6/26/2015Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for June 27, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider6/22/2015Dental examinations under the OHP Recommended Periodicity ScheduleDental providers
Provider6/19/2015Provider Matters - June 2015All Providers
Plan, Provider6/12/2015OHP and ICD-10 readinessAll Providers, All plans
Public notice6/4/2015Extend OHA Hospital Transformation Performance Program through June 30, 2017 - Comments due July 15, 2015All interested parties
Provider5/29/2015Join us June 18 for Provider Collaborative - Pharmacy Business Processes and Claims BillingAll Providers
Provider5/22/2015Change to fee-for-service colonoscopy reimbursement effective June 1, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider5/19/2015Provider Matters - May 2015All Providers
Provider5/13/2015Codes that will require fee-for-service prior authorization starting July 1, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider4/22/2015Provider Matters - April 2015All Providers
Provider4/6/2015HPE Data Request and UpdatesHPE determination sites
Provider3/27/2015Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for March 28, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider3/26/2015Hospital Presumptive Eligibility updates and remindersHPE determination sites
Provider3/23/2015Provider Matters - March 2015All Providers
Provider3/5/2015Code A0434 re-opened for fee-for-service payment effective July 1, 2013Ambulance providers
Provider2/20/2015Provider Matters - February 2015All Providers
Provider1/28/2015January 30 2015 webinar - Provider Options to Verify Atypical OHP EligibilityAll Providers
Provider1/16/2015Provider Matters - January 2015All Providers
Provider1/15/2015Fee-for-service billing for drugs of abuse testing codes effective Jan. 1, 2015Clinical labs
Provider1/15/2015Fee-for-service RVU-weight-based rates effective January 1, 2015Medical-surgical providers
Provider1/12/2015Oregon Health Plan covers Applied Behavior Analysis services effective January 1, 2015Affected Providers, CCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
Plan, Provider1/12/20152014-2015 Prioritized List of Health Services effective January 1, 2015All Providers, CCOs
Provider12/24/2014Fee-for-service professional claim reprocessing scheduled for December 27, 2014Medical-surgical providers, Vaccines for Children Providers
Provider12/19/2014Accepted 2015 code sets for Radiation Oncology and Lower GI Endoscopy servicesAmbulatory surgical centers, Medical-surgical providers, CCOs
Public notice12/17/2014Extend OHA Tribal Uncompensated Care Program through June 30, 2017 - Comments due 1-17-2015All interested parties
Provider12/16/2014Outpatient billing for hospital dentistry claims effective January 1, 2015Hospital
Provider12/4/2014Level of Service Inventory required for AFH Plan of Care Authorizations starting January 1, 2015Community Mental Health Programs, AMH-Licensed Adult Foster Homes
Public notice12/1/2014Update description of new adult Medicaid population to align with OHP Plus benefit package - Comments due December 31, 2014All interested parties
Public notice12/1/2014Make Oregon's CCare program part of Oregon's Medicaid State Plan - Comments due December 31, 2014All interested parties
Provider11/28/2014Provider Matters - November 2014All Providers
Provider11/18/2014Federal primary care rate increase ending December 31, 2014Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider11/14/2014Filling prescriptions for Oregon Medicaid clients who are not in the Oregon MMIS Point of Sale systemPharmacies
Provider11/14/2014Eligibility verification for HealthCare.gov OHP applicants effective November 15, 2014All Providers
Provider11/10/2014How to submit inmate Medicaid applications effective November 15, 2014Correctional facilities
Provider11/10/2014No changes to HPE process due to federal Health Insurance MarketplaceHPE determination sites
Provider10/29/2014Prior authorization and billing requirements for rehabilitative mental health services provided in AMH-licensed settingsAMH-licensed residential treatment providers, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider10/24/2014Provider Matters - October 2014All Providers
Provider10/23/2014October 2014 PDL and prior authorization criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Plan, Provider10/16/2014Encounter reporting of 340B-eligible drugs dispensed to Oregon Health Plan (OHP) clients340B Drug Program providers, Pharmacies, FCHPs, PCO, CCOs
Provider10/8/2014Change in DMAP provider call center hours effective October 20, 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider10/1/2014Providing enteral nutrition services for children with Oregon Health Plan benefitsEnteral nutrition companies, Hospital discharge planners, CCOs
Provider9/26/2014Provider Matters - September 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider9/25/2014Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective October 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Provider9/24/2014Fee-for-service hospice rates effective October 1, 2014Hospice providers
Provider9/24/2014Fee-for-service home health rates effective January 1, 2015Home health providers
Provider9/17/2014August-September 2014 PDL and prior authorization criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider9/12/2014Reminders about billing for services to Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs)All Providers
Provider9/12/2014Changes to paper claim mailing addresses effective October 1, 2014All Providers
Provider9/4/2014Location change for September 16 BRS Review Committee meetingBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider8/20/2014Clarifications about BRS Review Committee membershipBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider8/15/2014Provider Matters - August 2014All Providers
Provider7/18/2014Provider Matters - July 2014All Providers
Provider7/16/2014Preferred Drug List and prior authorization criteria updates effective July 15, 2014Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider7/7/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of substance use disorder claims planned for July 18, 2014Substance use disorder treatment providers, Community Mental Health Programs
Provider6/26/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 4th Quarter 2012 outpatient claims planned for June 27, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider6/23/2014Provider Matters - June 2014All Providers
Public notice6/23/2014Request for comment - Oregon's Medicaid 1915(c) Medically Involved Children's Waiver - Responses due July 23, 2014All interested parties
Provider6/20/2014Nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2014Hospice providers
Provider6/18/2014Third-trimester exemptions from coordinated care organization (CCO) enrollment will continue on and after July 1, 2014Maternal health care providers
Provider6/17/2014New Medicaid eligibility process for county jail inmatesCorrectional facilities
Provider6/17/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 3rd Quarter 2012 outpatient claims planned for June 20, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider6/5/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient claims to resume June 6, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider5/30/2014Changes in non-emergency transportation contacts effective July 1, 2014Affected Providers, Ambulance providers, Home care workers, Hospital, Living settings
Plan5/23/2014DMAP reimbursement for procedure code T1015FCHPs, PCO, CCOs
Provider5/23/2014Provider Matters - May 2014All Providers
Provider5/23/2014Information about Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) for OHP pharmaciesHPE determination sites, Pharmacies
Plan, Provider5/21/2014Fee-for-service payment for code 90460 closed May 7, 2014Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers, FCHPs, PCO, CCOs
Provider5/19/2014Clarification about fee-for-service rate increase for procedure code T1015Family planning clinics
Provider5/13/2014Fee-for-service rate increase for procedure code T1015 effective June 1, 2014Family planning clinics
Provider5/13/2014Changes to billable fee-for-service laboratory codes effective June 1, 2014Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Clinical labs, Hospital, Ordering providers
Provider4/25/2014Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (HPE) and Incarcerated IndividualsHPE determination sites
Provider4/24/2014New Hospital Presumptive Eligibility process effective January 1, 2014All Providers, HPE determination sites
Provider4/22/2014Status of fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient claimsOregon DRG hospitals
Provider4/18/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of HK claims planned for April 25, 2014Community Mental Health Programs, AMH-Licensed Residential and Outpatient Providers
Provider4/18/2014Provider Matters - April 2014All Providers
Provider3/28/2014March 21, 2014 Preferred Drug List (PDL) and PA Criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider3/25/2014Provider Matters - March 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider3/20/2014Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective April 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Member3/6/2014Changes for OHP medical transportation clients and Cascade East Ride CenterAll interested parties, Affected Providers, Transportation providers, Affected members
Provider2/28/2014Provider Matters - February 2014All Providers
Plan, Provider2/25/20142014-2015 Prioritized List of Health Services to become effective October 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Provider1/17/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient claims to resume January 17, 2014Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider1/17/2014Provider Matters - January 2014All Providers
Public notice1/14/2014Amend DME fee schedule to a percentage of 2012 Medicare Fee Schedule - Comments due February 7, 2014All interested parties
Provider1/13/2014Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List update effective January 10, 2014Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider1/3/2014Fee-for-service Preferred Drug List and prior authorization criteria updates effective January 1, 2014Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider1/3/2014Fee-for-service reprocessing of some dental claims scheduled for January 10, 2014Dental providers
Provider12/24/2013Provider Matters - December 2013All Providers
Provider12/20/2013Fee-for-service RVU-weight-based rates effective January 1, 2014Medical-surgical providers
Public notice12/16/2013Proposal to reimburse certain primary care physicians using site of service adjustments - Responses due 1-15-2014All interested parties
Provider12/11/2013Fee-for-service reprocessing of some extended care claimsNursing facilities
Provider12/11/2013Fee-for-service reprocessing of some anesthesia claimsAnesthesia provider, Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses)
Provider11/21/2013Provider Matters - November 2013All Providers
Provider11/7/2013New process and form for Inpatient Hospital Requests for OHP ApplicationsHospital
Provider11/7/2013Medicaid Provider Enrollment Process for Behavior Rehabilitation Services ProvidersBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider11/7/2013New form – OHP Client Agreement to Pay for Health Services, DMAP 3165All Providers
Provider10/31/2013Fee-for-service reprocessing of 2012 outpatient DRG claims to begin November 8, 2013Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider10/24/2013Place of service to determine fee-for-service RVU-based payments starting January 1, 2014Ambulatory surgical centers, Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses), Hospital
Provider10/21/2013Provider Matters - October 2013All Providers
Plan, Provider9/30/2013Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective October 1, 2013All Providers, All plans
Provider9/26/2013Fee-for-service rate change for surgical assists, effective October 1, 2013Medical-surgical providers
Provider9/26/2013Provider Matters - September 2013All Providers
Provider9/26/2013Fee-for-service hospice rates effective October 1, 2013Hospice providers
Provider9/17/2013CAWEM Plus prenatal benefit expands to all Oregon counties effective October 1, 2013All Providers
Member9/17/2013CAWEM Plus benefits will be available in all Oregon counties beginning October 1, 2013Affected members
Provider8/30/2013Primary Care Management contracts end September 30, 2013Primary Care Managers
Member8/30/2013Open card members moving to CCO October 1Affected members
Public notice8/28/2013Oregon Medicaid Alternative Benefit Plans under the Affordable Care Act - Responses due 9-30-2013All interested parties
Provider8/16/2013Provider Matters - August 2013All Providers
Provider8/1/2013County Behavior Rehabilitation Service rate changes effective August 1 to December 31, 2013Behavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Provider7/30/2013Changes to fee-for-service inpatient claim processing for Health Care-Acquired Conditions starting September 1, 2013Type A/B Critical Access Hospitals
Provider7/19/2013Provider Matters - July 2013All Providers
Provider7/3/20132013-2014 Federal Primary Care Rate UpdatePhysicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants practicing General Internal Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, or Family Medicine
Provider6/26/2013Hospice-nursing facility rate changes effective July 1, 2013Hospice providers, Nursing facilities
Provider6/21/2013Provider Matters - June 2013All Providers
Provider6/20/2013July 1, 2013 authorization changes to non-emergency ambulance transportationAmbulance providers, Hospital, Nursing facilities, Living settings and facilities that arrange for non-emergency ambulance transports
Member6/20/2013Change in prior authorization and reimbursement contact for travel expensesMembers with OHP Plus (BMM, BMD, BMH) or CWX benefits
Provider6/7/2013Fee-for-service home health rates effective July 1, 2013Home health providers
Provider5/17/2013Switching to electronic rate change notifications - Subscribe todayHospice providers
Provider5/17/2013Provider Matters - May 2013All Providers
Provider5/17/2013Switching to electronic rate change notifications – Subscribe todayHospice providers
Provider4/29/2013Preferred Drug List and PA criteria updates effective May 1, 2013Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Plan, Provider4/18/2013Implementation status and updated training for hospice in nursing facility payment processHospice providers, Nursing facilities, All plans
Provider4/18/2013Provider Matters - April 2013All Providers
Provider4/18/2013Updates about the 2013-2014 primary care rate increaseNurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider4/8/2013340B drugs at acquisition cost for all OHP members340B Drug Program providers
Provider3/29/2013Retraction of Interim modification to HERC Prioritized List Guideline 85 effective April 1, 2013All Providers
Provider3/28/2013Provider Matters - March 2013All Providers
Provider3/27/2013Medicare Grouper Version 30 mass adjustment on April 12, 2013Hospital
Provider3/20/2013Fee-for-service Relative-Value Unit weight-based rates effective January 1, 2013Medical-surgical providers
Provider3/20/2013Spring 2013 Provider Training and Resource UpdatesAll Providers
Plan, Provider3/15/2013Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective April 1, 2013All Providers, All plans
Provider2/15/2013Provider Matters - February 2013All Providers
Provider2/14/2013Attestation form now available – Attest to meeting CMS’s new primary care provider definitionNurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider2/14/2013Reminders about verifying client eligibility, enrollment status and benefitsAll Providers
Provider1/31/2013Include the Rendering Provider’s ID on Oregon Medicaid claimsAMH-Certified Community Mental Health Programs and AMH-Approved Chemical Dependency Treatment Providers
Provider1/25/2013Clarification about how new CMS definition of primary care affects Oregon primary care providersNurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider1/22/2013Reduce paper claims by using the Provider Web PortalProviders who bill DMAP fewer than 50 claims a month
Provider1/17/2013Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) methodology to be implemented Jan. 22, 2013Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider1/17/2013Provider Matters - January 2013All Providers
Provider1/9/2013Clarifying issues with hospice and nursing facility contracts, and client optionsHospice providers, Nursing facilities
Plan1/4/2013Changes to primary care provider definition and primary care rates effective Jan. 1, 2013FCHPs, PCO, CCOs, MHOs
Provider12/21/2012Preferred Drug List (PDL) and prior authorization criteria updates effective Jan. 1, 2013Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider12/21/2012Winter 2013 Provider Training and Resource UpdatesAll Providers
Provider12/21/2012OHP provider training and resources - Updated with training video and EDMS Coversheet informationAll Providers
Provider12/21/2012Delay in payment process change for nursing facility residents receiving hospiceHospice providers, Nursing facilities, All plans
Provider12/19/2012Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 Point of Sale billing changesPharmacies
Provider12/16/2012Provider Matters - December 2012All Providers
Plan, Provider11/27/2012Patient-Centered Primary Care Home - Medicaid payment updates (letter emailed Nov. 21)Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes and plans
Plan, Provider11/20/2012Reminder - Attend Nov. 28 and 29 training about billing process for nursing facility residents who elect hospiceHospice providers, Nursing facilities, All plans
Provider11/16/2012Provider Matters - November 2012All Providers
Provider11/14/2012More Revenue Codes will require HCPCS reportingOregon DRG hospitals
Public notice11/14/2012Proposal to increase primary care reimbursement and VCF rates - Responses due 12-17-2012All interested parties
Provider11/6/2012Primary Care Manager clients will be disenrolled Nov. 1, 2012 (mailed Oct. 10)Primary Care Managers
Provider11/6/2012Reminders about billing for ambulance servicesAmbulance providers
Provider11/6/2012Updated Coordinated Care Organization Pharmacy Benefit Manager ListPharmacies
Provider11/2/2012Payment process change for nursing facility residents receiving hospice, effective Jan. 1, 2013Hospice providers, Nursing facilities
Provider10/29/2012Wave 4 Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) transition updatePharmacies
Provider10/29/2012Oregon Pharmacy Call Center closed due to Hurricane Sandy; please leave voicemails at 1-888-202-2126 for same-day responsePharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider10/18/2012New rate for Babies First! and CaCoon Targeted Case Management services effective September 2, 2012Babies First! and CaCoon TCM providers
Provider10/17/2012Rebill DMAP for maternity case management claims that incorrectly denied due to CCO enrollmentMaternity case managers
Provider10/16/2012Palivizumab (Synagis) reimbursement remindersMedical practitioners
Provider10/16/2012Provider Matters - October 2012All Providers
Provider10/12/2012Join us for OHA's Two-Day ICD-10 Conference, Oct. 29-30All Providers
Provider10/10/2012Medicare Grouper Version 30 DelayedHospital
Provider10/8/2012Billing for services under codes E1399 and K0108Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers
Provider9/28/2012Fee-for-service hospice rates effective Oct. 1, 2012Hospice providers
Member9/25/2012Open card members moving to CCO Nov. 1 - Multiple CCO choiceAffected members
Member9/25/2012Open card members moving to CCO Nov. 1 - One CCO choiceAffected members
Provider9/24/2012Consider direct depositProviders who still receive paper checks from DMAP
Provider9/24/2012Bill DMAP electronically for faster claim processing and lower denial ratesProviders who bill DMAP using paper claim forms
Plan, Provider9/24/2012Prioritized List changes effective Oct. 1, 2012All Providers, All plans
Provider9/21/2012Fall 2012 Provider Training and Resource UpdatesAll Providers
Provider9/21/2012Training and resources for Oregon Health Plan providersAll Providers
Provider9/21/2012Provider Matters - September 2012All Providers
Member9/20/2012Oct. 1 coordinated care organization (CCO) enrollment noticeJefferson Behavioral Health plan members in Curry County
Member9/20/2012Tillamook County FFS-MHO enrolled members moving to Columbia Pacific CCO Oct. 1Affected members in Tillamook County
Member9/16/2012Sherman County PacificSource members moving to EOCCO October 1, 2012Sherman County PacificSource members
Provider9/13/2012Preferred Drug List and prior authorization criteria updates effective September 24, 2012Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider9/10/2012Rate reductions for ambulance services effective Sep. 1, 2012 (e-mailed to affected providers Aug. 27)Transportation providers
Provider9/10/2012Rate reductions for anesthesia and RVU-based professional services effective Sep. 1, 2012 (mailed Aug. 27)Medical-surgical providers
Plan, Provider8/31/2012CMS Update - ICD-10 compliance date is now Oct. 1, 2014All Providers, All plans
Provider8/22/2012Brand GEODON® and LEXAPRO® to be removed from the OHP Preferred Drug ListPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider8/20/2012Delay in use of APC methodology software for DRG hospital outpatient claimsOregon DRG hospitals
Provider8/16/2012Provider Matters - August 2012All Providers
Provider8/8/2012Oregon DRG Hospitals - Changes to outpatient claims processing effective Aug. 21, 2012Oregon DRG hospitals
Provider8/1/2012Please call the Oregon Pharmacy Call Center for help filling any Oregon Health Plan prescriptions during CCO transitionPharmacies
Member8/1/2012September 1 Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) enrollment noticeAffected members
Public notice7/27/2012Proposal to update Babies First! and CaCoon TCM rates - Responses due 9-30-2012All interested parties
Plan, Provider7/26/2012Correction to information about ICD-10 complianceAll Providers, All plans
Provider7/20/2012Provider Matters - July 2012All Providers
Provider7/18/2012Preferred Drug List and PA criteria updates effective July 23, 2012Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider7/12/2012Lipitor® no longer on OHP preferred drug listPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider7/10/2012Free Provider Training - Summer 2012 ReminderAll Providers
Provider7/10/2012Join OHA for a Coordinated Care Organizations Webinar on July 17All Providers
Member6/29/2012August 1 coordinated care organization (CCO) enrollment noticeFCHP members in Curry, Josephine, Jackson, Clackamas, Multnomah, Washington, Marion, Polk, Benton, Linn, Lincoln, Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Klamath, Lane, Douglas, Coos and Curry counties
Provider6/28/2012Hospital Services Program changes effective July 1, 2012Hospital, Medical-surgical providers
Provider6/27/2012Cost report and billing information for Babies First! and CaCoon Targeted Case Management ratesBabies First! and CaCoon TCM providers
Provider6/22/2012340B Providers - Rebill for family planning NDCs340B Drug Program providers
Provider6/18/2012Request for most recent Medicare Cost ReportsHome health agencies
Provider6/15/2012Preferred Drug List and PA criteria updates effective June 21, 2012Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider6/15/2012Provider Matters - June 2012All Providers
Plan6/15/2012NCPDP Carve-Out Drug Files available July 3, 2012FCHPs, PCO, MHOs
EDI Submitter6/7/2012HIPAA 5010 compliance required by Friday, June 29Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider6/1/2012July 2012 rate reductions for non-CCO providersAll Providers
Provider5/18/2012Provider Matters - May 2012All Providers
Provider5/14/2012May 14, 2012 PDL and prior authorization criteria updatesPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider5/8/2012Zyprexa® no longer preferred over generic equivalents starting May 16Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Public notice5/4/2012Proposal to reimburse Seattle Children's Hospital for outlier payments - Responses due 6-30-2012All interested parties
Provider4/24/2012Changes to LEXAPRO®, ZYPREXA® and GEODON® until further noticePharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider4/16/2012Free Provider Training - Spring 2012 ReminderAll Providers
Provider3/28/2012Umatilla County adds CAWEM Plus Prenatal servicesAll Providers
EDI Submitter3/27/20125010 deadline extended to June 29Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Member3/27/2012CAWEM Prenatal benefits in Umatilla County starting April 1, 2012CAWEM-eligible pregnant women living in Umatilla County
Provider3/21/2012Status of Jan. 1 changes to payment methodology for DRG hospitalsOregon DRG hospitals
Plan, Provider3/20/2012Prioritized List changes effective Apr. 1, 2012All Providers, All plans
Provider3/16/2012Provider Matters - March 2012All Providers
Plan3/7/2012New 834 maintenance reason codes due to Senate Bill 201 implementationFCHPs, PCO, DCOs
EDI Submitter3/2/2012Complete 5010 registration and testing by Friday, Mar. 30Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Plan, Provider3/1/2012Updated data to determine non-participating DRG hospital reimbursementOregon DRG hospitals, FCHPs
Public notice2/22/2012DHS as an Organized Health Care Delivery SystemAll interested parties
Provider2/17/2012Provider Matters - February 2012All Providers
EDI Submitter2/16/20124010 submitters - Please complete 5010 registration by Mar. 1, 2012Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider2/13/2012Enrollment updates required for Expanded Practice Dental Hygienists effective January 1, 2012Expanded Practice (formerly Limited Access Practice) Dental Hygienists
EDI Submitter2/7/2012Action required if you need to exchange 4010 transactions with DMAP after Mar. 1, 2012All Providers
EDI Submitter2/7/2012EDI Bulletin - 5010 status and remindersElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider1/27/2012Provider Matters - January 2012All Providers
Provider1/26/2012Feb. 4 reprocessing planned for DMEPOS claimsDurable Medical Equipment (DME) providers
Provider1/13/2012Leverage account reconciliation planned for February 2012Behavior Rehabilitation Services providers, School-Based Health Services providers, Targeted Case Management providers
Provider1/13/2012Fee-for-service Relative Value Unit (RVU) rates staying the same for Jan. 1, 2012Medical-surgical providers
Provider1/13/2012How to adjust point of sale claims submitted before Jan. 1, 2012Pharmacies
EDI Submitter1/12/2012EDI Bulletin - 270 Search CriteriaElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider1/10/2012Apply for 2011 Medicaid EHR Incentives by Feb. 29, 2012Medical practitioners, Clinics and health care centers
Provider1/9/2012Rule revisions for multiple programs effective January 1, 2012All Providers
Provider1/5/2012Free provider training opportunities - Winter 2012All Providers
Provider1/5/2012Fee-for-service home health rates effective Jan. 1, 2012Home health providers
Provider12/27/2011LOVENOX® added to OHP’s Preferred Drug List, effective January 1, 2012Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
EDI Submitter12/27/2011EDI Bulletin – 5010 special releaseEDI submitters
Provider12/27/2011Provider Web Portal unavailable for four hours between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1Provider Web Portal users
Provider12/20/2011Pharmaceutical Services Program changes effective January 1, 2012Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider12/20/2011Provider Matters - December 2011All Providers
EDI Submitter12/20/2011EDI Bulletin - Prepare for Jan. 1 changesElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Member12/19/2011Benefit reductions for all clients and coverage expansion for OHP Standard clientsAll members
Provider12/19/2011January 2012 benefit changes for allAll Providers
Provider12/13/2011Get ready for system changes effective January 1, 2012All Providers
Provider12/13/2011Have your practitioners apply for 2011 Medicaid EHR incentives by Feb. 29, 2012Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers
Plan12/9/2011Social Security Number and Date of Birth Required for Newly Enrolling Providers or SuppliersAll plans
Provider12/6/2011DMAP will only accept NCPDP D.0 Point of Sale claims beginning Jan. 1, 2012Pharmacies
Plan, Provider11/30/2011DMAP Implementation of Senate Bill 101Federally Qualified Health Centers, All plans
Provider11/23/2011Provider Matters - November 2011All Providers
Provider11/21/20112012-2013 Prioritized List of Health Services now availableAll Providers, All plans
Provider11/9/2011Nov. 15 OHP Plus adult dental changes postponedDental providers
Provider11/9/2011Join OHA for November phone forums about Medicaid EHR IncentivesDental providers, Medical practitioners, Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider10/25/2011Learn how your practitioners can apply for Medicaid EHR incentivesFederally Qualified Health Centers, Rural health clinics, Tribal health centers
Provider10/25/2011OHP Plus dental coverage changes planned for Nov. 15, 2011Dental providers
Provider10/25/2011Join OHA's Medicaid EHR Incentive Program phone forum for eligible professionalsDental providers, Nurse practitioners, Physician assistants, Physicians
Provider10/21/2011Provider Matters - October 2011All Providers
EDI Submitter10/12/2011EDI Bulletin - October 2011Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider10/7/2011Fee-for-service hospice rates effective October 1, 2011Hospice providers
Provider9/30/2011Provider Matters - September 2011All Providers
Provider9/30/2011Pharmacy, AI-AN, FQHC-RHC, General Rules and OHP program changes effective Oct. 1, 2011All Providers
Provider9/27/2011Please submit 2009 Medicare Cost Reports by Oct. 15, 2011Home health providers
Plan, Provider9/15/2011Interim Modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective October 1, 2011All Providers, All plans
Provider9/14/20112011-2013 mandatory state office closuresAll Providers
Provider9/1/2011Pharmaceutical Services rule revisions effective September 1, 2011Pharmacies
Provider8/31/2011Client access to medical equipment and suppliesOrdering providers (e.g., hospital discharge planners and adult foster homes)
Provider8/31/2011Free provider training opportunities - Fall 2011All Providers
Provider8/31/2011Provider Matters - August 2011All Providers
Provider8/22/2011Usual and Customary charge definition revised, effective September 1, 2011Pharmacies
Provider8/17/2011Get ready for electronic data interchange and pharmacy point of sale changesAll Providers
Provider8/15/2011Free Provider Training - Summer 2011 ReminderAll Providers
Provider8/9/2011Clarification about DMEPOS fee-for-service rate reduction effective August 1, 2011Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers
Provider8/3/2011Fee-for-service rate reductions effective August 1, 2011 (all programs)Billing providers (billing services, clinics, clearinghouses)
Provider8/3/2011Change to revenue codes that require CPT, HCPCS and NDC reporting effective July 1, 2011Hospital, Medical practitioners
Provider7/29/2011Provider Matters - July 2011All Providers
Provider7/29/2011Aug. 1 Diabetic Supply Billing UpdatesDurable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, Pharmacies
Provider7/29/2011Administrative rule revisions effective August 1, 2011All Providers
Provider7/28/2011Fee-for-service rate reduction for anesthesia services effective August 1, 2011Anesthesia provider
Public notice7/27/2011Increase the state’s current hospital tax and increase Oregon Medicaid reimbursement to hospitalsAll interested parties
Provider7/25/2011Rate reductions for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) effective Aug. 1, 2011Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers
Provider7/22/2011July 2011 administrative rule revisionsAll Providers
Provider7/21/2011Correction to fee-for-service Alcohol and Drug rate reductions effective August 1, 2011Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment providers
Provider7/18/2011Fee-for-service rate reduction information for mental health services effective August 1, 2011Mental health providers
Provider7/18/2011Bill diabetic supplies in pharmacy claim format starting August 1, 2011Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, Pharmacies
Provider7/14/2011Fee-for-service rate reductions for ambulance services effective August 1, 2011Ambulance providers
Provider7/13/2011Fee-for-service rate reductions for medical-surgical services effective August 1, 2011Clinical labs, Maternity case managers, Medical practitioners
Provider7/12/2011Fee-for-service rate reduction for outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services effective August 1, 2011Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment providers
Provider7/12/2011Fee-for-service rate reduction for home health services effective August 1, 2011Home health providers
Provider7/12/2011Adjustments for HFA inhaler overpayments now scheduled for July 23 weekendPharmacies
Provider7/11/2011Fee-for-service rate reduction for dental services effective August 1, 2011Dental providers
Provider7/8/2011Fee-for-service rate reduction for pharmacy services effective August 1, 2011Pharmacies
Provider7/1/2011Administrative rule revisions effective July 1, 2011All Providers
Public notice6/30/2011New procedures for exceeding DSH payment limits for State Plan Rate Years 2005 and forwardAll interested parties
Provider6/29/2011Expanded coverage of LAP dental hygienist services effective July 1, 2011Expanded Practice (formerly Limited Access Practice) Dental Hygienists
Provider6/28/2011Find out if you are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive ProgramsHospital, Medical practitioners
Provider6/27/2011NDC reporting for physician-administered drugs required starting July 1, 2011Hospital, Medical practitioners
Provider6/24/2011Provider Matters - June 2011All Providers
Provider6/20/2011Pharmacies can bill for diabetic supplies starting August 1, 2011Pharmacies
Provider6/20/2011Bill diabetic supplies in pharmacy claim format starting Aug. 1, 2011Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers
Provider6/17/2011Submit claims by noon Friday to ensure weekend claim processingNon-pharmacy providers
EDI Submitter6/17/2011EDI Bulletin - 5010 and NCPCP D.0 readinessElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider6/15/2011System mass adjustments planned for overpayments of certain inhalersPharmacies
Provider5/27/2011Provider Matters - May 2011All Providers
Plan5/16/2011Update on CAREAssist client disenrollment projectFCHPs
Provider5/13/2011NCPDP D.0 claims submission changes and transition testingPharmacies
Plan, Provider4/27/2011Review new resources about NDC reportingAll Providers, FCHPs, PCO
Provider4/22/2011Provider Matters - April 2011All Providers
Provider4/21/2011Compounded 17aHPC is only covered as physician-administered drugPharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider3/30/2011Provider Matters - March 2011All Providers
Provider3/30/2011DMEPOS, OHP and Speech-Hearing rule changes effective March 25 and April 1, 2011All Providers
Provider3/25/2011Coverage for certain compounding ingredients ends April 1, 2011Pharmacies
Provider3/22/2011DMAP moves to the Oregon Health Authority effective July 1, 2011All Providers
EDI Submitter3/21/2011EDI Bulletin 24Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) trading partners
Provider3/16/2011National Correct Coding Initiative edits planned for April 1, 2011Ambulatory surgical centers, Hospital, Medical practitioners
Provider3/10/2011Medicaid federal and local match rate changes for January-June 2011Behavior Rehabilitation Services providers, School-Based Health Services providers, Targeted Case Management providers
Plan, Provider2/28/2011Interim modifications to the Prioritized List of Health Services effective April 1, 2011All Providers, All plans
Provider2/28/2011Provider Matters - February 2011All Providers
Provider2/24/2011New Third-Party Liability edit and NCPDP D.0 updatePharmacies
Provider2/24/2011Certain products removed from Preferred Drug List effective March 1, 2011Pharmacies, Prescibing providers
Provider2/15/2011Use November 2010 Newborn Notification form to report OHP newbornsBirthing centers, Hospital, Midwives
Plan, Provider2/10/2011New process for provider administrative reviewsAll Providers, All plans
Provider2/4/2011Claims error corrected for certain revenue codesHome health providers, Hospice providers
Provider1/21/2011Provider Matters January 2011All Providers
Provider1/11/2011CPT consultation codes 99241-99255 closed for payment effective Jan. 1, 2011Medical practitioners
Provider1/5/2011DMAP now uses Average Actual Acquisition Cost ReimbursementPharmacies
Plan12/27/2010NDC reporting requirements effective Jan. 1, 2011All plans
Provider12/10/2010Third Party Liability billing and Oregon MedicaidBehavior Rehabilitation Services providers
Public notice12/9/2010DMAP to reimburse pharmacies at Wholesale Acquisition Cost when no Actual Acquisition Cost is availableAll interested parties
Plan11/17/2010Preparation for Jan. 1 managed care copayment requirementAll plans
Plan10/27/2010Delay in encounter-only provider enrollment requestsAll plans
Plan10/26/2010Follow-up to Oct. 6 Critical Incident CommunicationsFCHPs, PCO, DCOs, MHOs
Plan6/25/2010Vaccines for Children Program - Clarification of MCO requirementsFCHPs, PCO, DCOs, MHOs
Plan6/23/2010Correction to managed care enrollment history segmentsAll plans
Public notice5/20/2010Proposal to remove Tuberculosis TCM program from State PlanAll interested parties
Public notice1/13/2010Extend the alternate payment methodology for delivery procedures to rural health clinicsAll interested parties