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OHP Home-Delivery Pharmacy Services

​Learn how getting your prescriptions for covered drugs and diabetic supplies filled through the mail may save you time and money.

If you have more questions about this service, visit the Wellpartner website.



What is home-delivery pharmacy?

Home-delivery pharmacy allows you to order a three-month supply of covered drugs or diabetic supplies and have it mailed to you each month, either to a residential address, PO Box or clinic.

If you have OHP benefits, you pay nothing for your home-delivered prescriptions. There are no copayments and no shipping fees.​

Who can use home-delivery pharmacy?
Clients who take the same prescription drugs month after month for ongoing health conditions will benefit the most from this service.
  • Clients not enrolled in an OHP medical plan can sign up to get most prescriptions filled.
  • Clients in OHP medical plans can sign up to get prescriptions covered by DMAP (not the medical plan) filled, such as most mental health drugs.
  • Clients with OHP with Limited Drug benefits can sign up to get prescriptions covered by DMAP (not Medicare) filled, such as certain decongestants.
Home delivery isn't for everyone. You may prefer to talk to a pharmacist in person about new medications.
How long does home-delivery pharmacy take to fill prescriptions?

If you need the medicine right away, you should visit a local pharmacy.

It takes up to 10 days for your prescriptions to be delivered by mail. If you and your doctor are trying out different drugs, you should wait until you find the ones you will take long-term before you use home-delivery. ​

What prescriptions can the home-delivery pharmacy fill?
This service is for ongoing monthly prescriptions for drugs and diabetic supplies covered by DMAP on a fee-for-service (“open card”) basis. Such prescriptions include:
  • Prescriptions for clients not enrolled in an OHP medical plan
  • Prescriptions for mental health drugs (which are generally paid by DMAP, not the OHP medical plan)
  • Prescriptions for certain drugs not covered by Medicare (such as certain decongestants). 
How do I get started using home-delivery pharmacy?
You or your prescribing provider can start the process. Be sure to have the prescription number and your Medical Care ID number handy.
  • Allow 8-10 days between ordering and delivery of your medications.
  • When it's time for a refill, you will get a reminder in the mail. Make sure to place refill orders about 14 days before your current supply runs out. 
Call 1-877-935-5797 (Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
You can also call to transfer existing prescriptions from a local pharmacy or another home-delivery pharmacy.​
How do I mail or fax a home-delivery prescription order?
Fill out the order form (English or Spanish) and send with the prescription to:
Wellpartner Inc.
PO Box 5909
Portland, OR 97228-5909 
Fax 1-866-624-5797

Missing or incomplete information on your order will delay processing.
Where can I learn more about home-delivery pharmacy?
If you are not in an OHP medical plan or coordinated care organziation (CCO), see the Wellpartner website.
If you are in an​ OHP medical plan or CCO, ask your plan or CCO if they provide home-delivery pharmacy service.