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Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Mellitus


List of milestones

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Next Steps

A draft update to this coverage guidance will be reviewed at the February 16, 2017 meeting of the Health Technology Assessment Subcommittee (HTAS).


Sources are now available for the draft update to this coverage guidance. They will be reviewed at February 16, 2017 meeting of the Health Technology Assessment Subcommittee (HTAS).

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HERC prioritized this topic with a score of 54. A new coverage guidance will be developed based on HERC and OHA priorities, subject to available resources.

HTAS reviewed draft scoring for this topic and made recommendations for HERC to review on 3/10/2016.


The HERC reviewed the rescanning documents for this topic and requested a new coverage guidance.

The HERC reviewed and approved the draft coverage guidance as referred by the HTAS. Coverage Guidance

Public Comment Dispositions


The HTAS reviewed the initial draft coverage guidance on 7/10/12.