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List of milestones

  • Scope released for public comment 8/22/16

To view the meeting material and minutes mentioned on this blog, please visit the public meetings page.

Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) Syndrome

Next Steps

HTAS will review public comment at the September 15, 2016 meeting.


Scope statement released for public comment 8/22/16 until 8:00 am on 8/29/16.


HERC reviewed, modified and approved the Coverage Guidance and Implementation for the Prioritized List (effective 4/1/2014). Final Public Comment Disposition.


The draft coverage guidance, public comment disposition and proposed implementation for the Oregon Health Plan are now available in preparation for the 1/9/2014 HERC meeting.


The VbBS reviewed and approved the draft coverage guidance and made recommendations to add coverage of FAI to the prioritized list with a guideline note as it appears in the meeting materials. HERC will review the draft coverage guidance, prioritized list changes and new guideline note at its meeting 1/9/2014.

HTAS reviewed public comments on the draft coverage guidance, made revisions resulting in a strong recommendation to cover the surgery under certain conditions, and referred it to the VbBS and HERC for implementation and approval. The VbBS will review the recommendation at its 10/10/13 meeting. Details

6/27/2013 - 7/28/2013
The draft coverage guidance was posted for a 30-day public comment period.
HTAS reviewed the revised draft coverage guidance and requested it be posted for public comment.

HTAS discussed the topic but made no decision.

HERC re-assigned the topic from EbGS to HTAS.

EbGS discussed the process related to the new review of this topic and elected to wait until a revised process is in place before beginning the new review.


HERC requested a new review of this Coverage Guidance based on feedback from Medical Directors.

The HERC reviewed the draft coverage guidance as referred by the EbGS on August 2, 2012 and approved it with no changes. Approved Guidance

The EbGS reviewed the public comments and referred the revised coverage guidance to HERC. Public Comment Disposition

4/23/12 - 5/22/12
The draft coverage guidance as revised on April 5, 2012 was posted for a 30-day public comment period.

The EbGS reviewed the revised draft coverage guidance.  The committee approved the draft and asked for it to be posted for public comment.