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Transferring Medical Marijuana to a registered Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program

Transferring Medical Marijuana to a Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Transfer Authorization

Only patients, authorized caregivers or patient growers registered through the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program may be authorized to transfer usable marijuana or immature plants to a dispensary. You must use the MMD Transfer Authorization form  PDF to authorize a transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transfers

Q. What information needs to be included on a label for usable marijuana products such as edibles, waxes, concentrates or other prepackaged products?

A. All prepackaged usable marijuana products must be labeled with the following information:

  • The amount of THC and CBD in the usable marijuana product
  • If prepackaged, the weight or volume of usable marijuana in each unit, in metric units
  • The amount of usable marijuana in a finished product in metric units
  • Potency information
  • The laboratory that performed the testing
  • A warning label for edibles which states: “WARNING: MEDICINAL PRODUCT – KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” in bold capital letters, in a font size that is larger than the font size of the other printing on the label, such that it is easy to read and prominently displayed on the product
NOTE: Edible medical marijuana products must be tracked by both the amount of usable marijuana contained in the product (example: if 1000 grams of usable marijuana were used to make 1000 brownies, there would be 1 gram per brownie) AND the number of products being transferred in and out of the dispensary. See OAR 333-008-1230(7)(b) and (d).

 Q. How are transfers of usable marijuana or immature plants made to a dispensary?

A. Transfers of usable marijuana or immature plants will only be authorized by using the MMD Transfer Authorization form. Only the patient, authorized caregiver or patient grower may be authorized to transfer usable marijuana or immature plants to the dispensary.


Q. Who gets the original Transfer Authority form and who should keep a copy?

A. The original form should be sent to the registered dispensary and the dispensary must keep that original. The patient should keep a copy of the Transfer Authorization form for their records and if the caregiver or grower is authorized to transfer, the caregiver or grower should keep a copy.


Q. Does the Transfer Authorization form ever expire?

A. Yes. The Transfer Authorization form automatically expires on the date the patient’s OMMP card expires, unless the patient has specified an earlier expiration date. Once the authorization expires, the patient may renew it by submitting a new transfer form to the registered dispensary. It should be noted that once usable marijuana or immature plants are transferred to a registered dispensary they are no longer the property of the patient unless the usable marijuana or immature plants are returned by the registered dispensary for any reason.


Q: What must a PRF do when accepting usable marijuana or immature plants?

A. A PRF must ensure he or she has a valid Authorization Transfer form on file that authorizes the individual that is transferring the usable marijuana or immature plants to make the transfer, and that the individual transferring the usable marijuana or immature plants is the individual authorized to make the transfer.