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Personalized care is delivered in a coordinated, integrative health center

Amy Morris
Amy Morris loves the patient-centered care she receives at Vida Family Health in Salem.

Jan. 2, 2013, (Salem) — Amy Morris wanted more from her health care provider. Even though she's healthy and doesn't need a lot of care, she wanted to be sure that her health care provider was addressing the concerns she had.

"I felt like I wasn't being heard. I wasn't given choices in my care. I didn't feel like an active participant in my own health care. I felt I was in the dark about my health," says Morris, 35, a child and family therapist in Salem.

Then she became a patient at Vida Family Medicine in Salem, a state-recognized Patient-Centered Primary Care Home.

"They know a lot about me. They know my concerns and where I need support. I am feeling better because I know I am getting great care."  ~ Amy Morris

Now, she loves the type of health care she is receiving. When Morris comes into the health center, she is greeted with a, "Hello, Amy."

There is communication between her and her health care providers. They give her educational information about her health. They give her options. They remind her about upcoming lab tests. She can get an appointment quickly. And Vida offers classes to help prevent and manage chronic conditions such as high cholesterol and diabetes. They let her know her when her prescriptions are called in to the pharmacy. They use technology so that she can access her own medical record and she can email her doctor with questions and concerns. They provide a team approach to patient health.

"They are wonderful – from the receptionists to the medical assistants to the doctors. I get a sense they are proactive, not reactive. I am not just looked at for my physical health but they see me as a whole person. I'm not just a number. They get the full picture because they listen to me," Morris says.

Evelin Dacker, M.D., owner and medical director of Vida, said that the staff takes the whole person into account. "We treat the underlying problems and not just the disease. We are there for the whole person and not just their illness," she said.

Morris agrees that the care is very personal: "They know a lot about me. They know my concerns and where I need support. I am feeling better because I know I am getting great care."

To learn more and find out if there is a patient-centered primary care home in your area please visit www.PrimaryCareHome.oregon.gov.