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Accessing OVERS

Should you be using OVERS?

If you report vital events such as birth, death or fetal death to the State of Oregon’s Center for Health Statistics, you can use the Oregon Vital Events Registration System (OVERS) to report electronically. OVERS is a secure, web-based system, so you must establish a user account before accessing it to report vital events. 

You may gain access to OVERS if you are:

  • A physician, naturopath, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner licensed in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or California;
  • Medical clinic support staff in OR, WA, ID, or CA;
  • An Oregon Medical Examiner;
  • An Oregon licensed funeral director, a funeral director from a funeral home in an adjacent state licensed with a reciprocal agreement, or a funeral director's assistant;
  • A birth clerk from an Oregon hospital facility or licensed freestanding birthing center;
  • An Oregon licensed midwife or a non-licensed midwife registered with the State of Oregon’s Center for Health Statistics;
  • A hearing screener from an Oregon hospital facility;
  • A medical provider or support staffperson at a facility that performs ITOPs (please see our ITOP registration page for more information).

If your facility is new to OVERS, please see our Implementation Guide for a walkthrough of the process.

To gain access to OVERS

  1. Complete an OVERS enrollment form to gain permission to electronically register death certificates, birth certificates, or fetal death records. You must include a valid email address.
  2. Fax form and all supporting documentation* required in the form instructions to 971-673-1201.
  3. A Center for Health Statistics employee will notify you by email when your account is created. Upon receiving your username and password, you can start using OVERS.
  4. If you will be signing birth or death records, you will need to enroll your fingerprint template at the nearest county vital records office or with a designated OVERS hospital facility administrator before you sign your first record. (To register your fingerprint template, you must show the completed OVERS enrollment form, two pieces of identification, and your professional license number, if applicable.)

* Supporting documentation for birth clerks and funeral directors - a letter from your supervisor granting you permission to access the records associated with your facility.

Supporting documentation for funeral home specialists, birth hearing screeners, and other data entry staff - a letter from your supervisor granting you permission to access the records associated with your facility, AND two pieces of identification.

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