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Reports and Fact Sheets

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Annual or Quarterly Reports

State Health Profile - Presents information on selected health indicators that provides a snapshot of the health status of Oregonians.

Chronic Disease Data and Reports - Find the most recent information available for chronic disease focus areas and topics.

Oregon Tobacco Facts - Tobacco Program's annual report includes information derived from the 90+ state-added questions. Includes county profiles for some information. It is a reference for the most recent Oregon data on tobacco provided to health advocates, and available to the public via web download.

Cancer in Oregon - The Cancer Registry's annual report uses breast, cervical, and colorectal screening data from BRFSS, in conjunction with the registry data.

Topical Reports

Smoking Practices, Policies, & Preferences in Oregon Rental Housing 2008 (pdf) Telephone survey of tenants in Oregon.

Oregon Center for Public Policy, Hunger in Your State (pdf) A guide for producing state-level reports. November 2002 (pdf). Oregon Center for Public Policy, Hunger in Oregon. August, 2001.

A Potential for Violent Injury -- Guns and Knives in the Schools (pdf)Includes BRFSS data on household gun storage. Oregon Health Trends Newsletter No. 56, June 2000.

Men & Women Behaving Badly: Trends from the Adult Behavior Risk Factor Survey (pdf) Includes BRFSS data on obesity, life style and exercise, diabetes, hypertension, general health, and other behaviors. Oregon Health Trends Newsletter No. 48, December 1997.

Fatal Behavior: Why Oregonians Die Prematurely (pdf) Oregon Health Trends Newsletter No. 44, December 01, 1995.

Health Risk Factors in Oregon: County and Regional Estimates based on data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 1989-1994 (pdf)

State Plans and Fact Sheets

Oregon’s State Health Improvement Plan

Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategic Plan, 2012-2017 (pdf)

Oregon Tobacco Laws and Policies (pdf)

Oregon Comprehensive Cancer Plan, 2005-2010 – Includes 2012 Addendums: Colorectal cancer screening, breast cancer screening (in women), survivorship, and genetics.

Oregon Overweight, Obesity, Physical Activity and Nutrition Facts, 2012 (pdf) - This report presents the most recent data on physical activity, nutrition, overweight and obesity in Oregon through the lens of basic demographics such as age, sex, education, income, and body weight status.

Oregon Statewide Plan for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention: Update 2011 (pdf) - This is a progress report of the state-wide plan toward prevention, early detection, treatment and self-management of heart disease and stroke

Keeping Oregonians Healthy (pdf) - A statewide report that summarizes data and presents information for preventing and managing chronic diseases. Chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes and arthritis, are the major causes of disability and death for Oregonians.

Oregon Asthma Facts and Figures

The Current Disease (CD) Summary
A newsletter to health care providers


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