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Arthritis Data and Publications

Oregon Data and Reports

CD Summary Newsletters: Arthritis

The CD Summary is a publication of the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division, and is distributed every two weeks. The intended audience is licensed health care providers; public health and health care agencies; media representatives; medical laboratories; hospitals; and other individuals and institutions with an interest in epidemiology and public health interests.

CD Summary articles from the Arthritis Program:

PDF iconMove it to Soothe It:  Physical Activity and Arthritis - December 2011

PDF iconArthritis Can Be a Real Pain in the Joint - January 2009

PDF iconPreventing Osteoporotic Fractures - October 2005

PDF iconControlling Arthritis Morbidity: A Joint Effort - August 2004

PDF iconArthritis Swelling Among Oregonians - June 2001

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