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Quality Management

Quality Statement and  Plan / Performance Measurement and Outcomes

Quality Statement

The Oregon HIV Care and Treatment Program (HCT) is committed to developing, evaluating and continually improving a statewide, quality continuum of HIV care, treatment and supportive services that meets the identified needs of persons living wtih HIV and their families, ensures equitable access and decreases health disparities.

The HCT Program supports this mission by gathering data and information about the services delivered by HCT and its contractors, analyzing this information to measure outcomes and quality of services, reporting this analysis in order to identify areas requiring needed planning, and implementing improvement activities in order to meet program goals.

Quality Management Plan

Improving and assuring quality services for persons living with HIV begins with planning. The HIV Care and Treatment Program's Quality management (QM) program includes HIV program leaders who are responsible for planning and prioritizing quality improvement goals and projects for the year, and establishing performance measures.

The Quality Management Plan outlines how the QM program is structured and how the QM program establishes responsibility and accountability for performance measurement and ongoing program evaluation and improvement.

Quality Management Plan 2015 (pdf)

Performance Measurement

The HCT Quality Management Committee has identified performance measures that align with the Health Resources and Services Administration's HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) HIV Performance Measures and are most likely to achieve The National HIV Strategy. Measures chosen are most critical to the care and treatment success of people living with HIV and align with the milestones along the HIV care continuum.

The HCT Quality Management Program has chosen the following HAB performance measures:

HCT Performance Measures 2015 (pdf)

  1. Core Measures
    1. Viral Load Suppression
    2. Gap in Medical Care

  2. Medical Case Management
    1. Gap in Medical Care
    2. Medical Case Management Care Plan

  3. CAREAssist (AIDS Drug Assistance Program)
    1. Application Determination
    2. Eligibility Recertification
    3. Inappropriate Antiretroviral Regimen

  4. Systems Measures
    1. Housing Status
    2. Linkage to HIV Medical Care

Quality Management Program Outcomes

Report on Quality Management Program Outcomes 2014 (pdf)

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