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Reproductive Health Provider Trainings

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Resources for Trainings Held in Portland State Office Building (PSOB) 

Oregon Reproductive Health Program Monthly Webinars

In an effort to train new staff and refresh current staff, the Oregon RH Program is hosting monthly webinars. Every quarter, two of the monthly webinars will focus on specific program requirements and processes, like the CCare Enrollment form, billing and data submission, etc. The third monthly webinar of every quarter will be a RH Program Orientation meant to provide an overview of the Oregon RH Program. To see the 2016 training schedule, register for upcoming webinars, and find links to recorded webinars and slides, click the link below:

2016 RH Program Training Plan (with links to recorded webinars and slides) 

2017 RH Program Webinars Schedule

Oregon Reproductive Health Program Orientation/Overview

This slide set gives a broad overview of the Oregon Reproductive Health Program. It includes information for agencies operating CCare, Title X or both. 

Oregon Reproductive Health Program Orientation (pdf) - Updated January 2017!

CCare Training PowerPoint Slides

These slide sets trainings walk you through different aspects of the CCare program and are designed for training new staff or existing staff who would like a refresher. 

CCare Enrollment Form - Updated January 2017!

These slides cover how to complete the CCare Enrollment Form.

CCare Enrollment Form Slides (pdf).

CCare Eligibility Database - Updated January 2017!

These slides walk-through through the online Eligibility Database. Learn how to search for a client, add a new client, what error messages mean, etc.

CCare Eligibility Database Slides (pdf).

CCare Eligibility Verification

This short slide set (8 slides!) reviews the CCare eligibility verification process. 

CCare Eligibility Verification Slides (pdf)

CCare Billing & CVR

These slides cover billing mechanism details for CCare - the Oregon Client Visit Record (CVR). Learn more about what constitutes a CCare billable visit and other frequently asked questions regarding reimbursement.

CCare Billing & CVR Slides (pdf)

CCare Program Integrity

These slides cover how to ensure your clinic is following CCare clinic rules and guidelines. Learn how to prepare your clinic for an audit, identify potential issues with program integrity, reduce your clinic's risk of overpayment and what information is reviewed by state staff on a regular basis.

CCare Program Integrity Slides (pdf) 

External Training Resources

Family Planning National Training Centers

For access to a wide range of training resources, we strongly encourage subscription to the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Population Affairs (OPA) Family Planning National Training Centers eNews. The training centers work to enhance the capacity of Title X family planning agencies to deliver community reproductive health services. 

You can subscribe and have ongoing access to resources by visiting the home page at and clicking on the "Subscribe to FP NTC eNews" button on the top right corner of the page. 

With or without a subscription to eNews, you can view all their upcoming trainings by visiting

Federal Training Centers Collaboration

Federal Training Centers Collaboration (FTCC) provides “one-stop shopping” for health care providers seeking resources and training opportunities. FTCC members include: Title X Family Planning National Training Centers; AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETCs); National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers (NNPTC); STD-related Reproductive Health Training and TA Centers (STDRHTTACs); Capacity-Building Assistance for High-Impact HIV Prevention; Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTCs); Viral Hepatitis Education and Training Projects (VHNET); Regional TB Training and Medical Consultation Centers (RTMCC); and Disease Investigation Specialist Training Centers:

California Family Health Council's Learning Exchange

The CFHC has many good resources for general reproductive health information as well as important webinars about healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act:

UW STD Prevention Training Center

The University of Washington STD Prevention Training Center provides health care provider training on the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of sexually transmitted infections:

National Family Planning Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA)

For upcoming NFPRHA webinars, regional meetings, and conferences check the home page at and look under the "Upcoming Events" section on the right side of the page.


Cardea Services, funded by the Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Family Planning, provides toolkits, manuals, and web-based training related to administrative topics and a wide range of reproductive health topics that support Title X requirements. Cardea Services is an approved provider of continuing nursing education.

Northwest Center for Public Health Practice (NWCPHP)

NWCPHP offers a wide variety of training opportunities for public health professionals. Online trainings and webinars include topics such as epidemiology, outbreaks and preparedness, cultural competence, program evaluation, and leadership and management.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention STD Webinars

The following page has new and archived webinars on  HIV and STD treatment:

Reproductive Health Coordinator Meeting Materials

2016 Materials, Presentations, & Program Updates

RH-SBHC Summit Materials (October 27, 2016)

RHC Meeting Agenda (October 28, 2016) 

Speaker Bios

Oregon Board of Pharmacy - Community Health Clinic Licensure Presentation Slides 

Oregon Board of Pharmacy - CHC Self-Inspection Report

Oregon Board of Pharmacy - Clinic Licensure Comparisons

CCare Enrollment Form/Eligibility Database Changes Presentation Slides

Using ScreenWise to Improve Breast, Cervical, and Cardiovascular Health Presentation Slides

Health Equity from a Social Justice Framework Slides

Health Equity Terms


Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want Slides

RH Program Updates

2015 Presentations & Program Updates

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