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Volunteer with POLST

Provide a service to Oregonians statewide by volunteering with the OR POLST Registry. Volunteers will compile packets of registration materials for our registrants. Primarily responsible for: cutting out labels, creating magnets; folding and stuffing envelopes with letters, labels magnets; and confirming each packet is complete before mailing. ;May also assist in compiling educational materials.

Eligibility: At least 16 years of age.

Commitment requirements: Minimum 3 month commitment; 2hrs/week min or 8hrs/month; flexible scheduling upon request.

Interested? Contact Hanna Nelson

For more information:

POLST registry volunteer flyer (pdf)

What is POLST?

The Oregon Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) program is designed to assure that the medical treatment wishes expressed by the patient are honored by health care professionals as the patient moves from one health care setting to another.

The program was developed initially in Oregon in 1990 by a multi-professional task force convened by the Center for Ethics in health Care at Oregon Health & Science University. The voluntary use of the POLST document is intended to align medical treatments with the wishes of persons with advanced illness and frailty, and is expected to complement the advance directive, if one has been completed. The POLST program has been proven to be remarkably effective, so much so that 30 other states are following Oregon's lead and developing similar programs.
For more information, visit the Oregon POLST website.

What is the POLST Registry?

As Oregon's experience with the POLST program grew, first responders frequently were unable to find a patient's completed POLST form in a time of crisis. In response to this need, the Oregon POLST Registry was created as a public/private partnership with funding from private foundations to build the database and to educate the professional community.

In 2007, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 329 (State Health Fund Board), and in 2009 passed HB 2009 as part of Oregon's health care reform efforts, enabling Oregon to launch the nation's first 24-hour electronic POLST Registry on December 3, 2009. First responders and providers are able to call the registry from the field and be informed of a patient's POLST orders.

Learn more about the POLST Registry.
Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 333, Division 270

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Using POLST and the Registry POLST Form

The POLST form and materials are available for order or download at:

Fax or eFax POLST forms to the Registry: 503-418-2161

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POLST Registry Advisory Committee (PRAC) Role

The POLST Registry Advisory Committee (PRAC) is created in ORS 127.675?. The Committee is charged with advising the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) regarding the implementation, evaluation, and operation of the registry. The Committee also reviews research proposals to access Registry data and advise OHA on whether access should be granted.

PRAC Meetings and Minutes

All meetings are conference calls. Please contact Stella Rausch-Scott for more information on how you can attend this public meeting.

2016 Meetings - documents pending

Date Agenda Minutes
January 11, 2016 Canceled NA
April 18, 2016 04-18-2016 04-18-2016
July 25, 2016 07-25-2016 07-25-2016
October 10, 2016
10-10-2016 10-10-2016


Past Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
January 12, 2015 01-12-2015 (pdf) 01-12-2015 (pdf)
April 13, 2015 04-13-2015 (pdf) 04-13-2015 (pdf)
June 15, 2015 Canceled
October 12, 2015
10-12-2015 (pdf) 10-12-2015 (pdf)

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Get Annual Reports and monthly data for Oregon POLST.



POLST Registry: 
POLST Registry Advisory Committee: PRAC committee (pdf)
Dr. David Lehrfeld |& 971-673-0520 |

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