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The Local Innovation and Fast Track (LIFT) Housing Program's objective is to build new affordable housing for low-income households, especially families. In 2015, the Oregon Legislature committed $40 million of general obligation Article XI-Q bonds to fund the LIFT program. Using this new funding source will allow Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) and its partners to add to the supply of affordable housing, in particular, for historically underserved communities.

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LIFT Draft Legal Documents: 
As is noted in the LIFT framework, this program funding source requires that the state assumes as an Operational or Ownership interest in the projects.  Our counsel at the Department of Justice has worked with us to produce draft versions of some of the more salient legal documents detailing aspects of the operations, project management, loan issuance, and leases specific to the LIFT program in order to provide them for informational purposes to those interested in the program.  These documents are in draft form and should be treated accordingly.     

Loan Agreement
Trust Deed
Promissory Note
Operating Agreement
Project Management Agreement
Regulatory Agreement as to Project Management
Ground Lease

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