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Program Elements Recommendations / Feedback

During the Scenario Development phase of OHCS's Transition Planning Process, it formed a team of subject-matter experts to research and recommend program recommendations for the Manufactured Community Resource Center program it administers. The team developed the following proposed program recommendations:


Proposed Program Recommendations
Proposed Program Elements Recommendations

Scenario Feedback Survey closed on Dec. 6, 2013

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Specific Program Area Functions
The Manufactured Communities Resource Center (MCRC) program staff provide services and information to residents and landlords of manufactured dwelling parks to promote cooperative community relationships and positive alternatives to the court system.

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Scenario Build Team Members
OHCS Staff: Ken Pryor, Theresa Wingard
External Subject Matter Experts: Don Miner, Oregon Manufactured Housing Association; John Van Landingham, Lane County Legal Aid and Advocacy Center; Richard Blackwell, Department of Consumer and Business Services.