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Alcohol Service Permits & Server Education

Service Permit Application and Instructions

Eligibility Requirements 
Instructions for completing your Service Permit Application (Please Read Carefully)
Service Permit Application  You must print two (2) copies of your completed application. Send one copy to OLCC with your check or money order for $23.00; keep the other to use as your temporary permit until you receive your permanent permit in the mail.

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Server Education - Find a Class & Providers/Trainers

Server Education Class Calendars (For In-Person Classes) 
Use these monthly calendars if you want to take a class in-person. Find a class in your city 
Select a monthly calendar to find a Server Education class in your city.  


Server Education Providers/Trainers  
These companies provide Alcohol Server Education classes. Find the counties they teach in, offer classes in other languages, and how to contact them to register for a class.

In-Person Class Providers

Online Class Providers

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Service Permit Application Status

Check the status of your Alcohol Service Permit application

If you do not see your name on the list and it has been more than 7 days since you submitted your application, or your status is blank, please contact the OLCC at 503-872-5200, or email OLCC.servicepermits@oregon.gov
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Server Education Test Results

If you completed and passed your Server Education/Service Permit test within the last 60 days, your name should be on the list of test results. After 60 days, your name will no longer appear on the list and you will need to contact the OLCC to find out your score.
Get Your Test Results - Alphabetical by FIRST NAME

If you do not see your name and test score on the list, and it has been more than 7 days since you have completed the test, please contact the OLCC at 503-872-5133/5114 or email jolienne.helmig@oregon.gov.
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Replacing Your Service Permit

You can replace your unexpired permit if your permit was lost, stolen, or your name has changed.
There is no fee for a replacement card.
Service Permit Application You must print two (2) copies of your completed application. Send one copy to OLCC; keep the other to use as your temporary permit until you receive your replacement permit in the mail.  This is to replace an unexpired service permit. 
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Renewing Your Service Permit

If you have taken an Alcohol Server Education class within the past 7 years, you are eligible to take the renewal class.  Please contact the OLCC at 503-872-5133/5114 or 800-452-6522 ext. 25133/ 25114 prior to registering for a renewal class to verify your eligibility. 
Classroom Renewal Classes
Contact the provider directly to register for a class.

Action Server Education

Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Marion, Yamhill, Polk
503-234-7810 (Portland)

Online Renewal Classes  
! Alcohol Server Classes
@ A Moment's Notice
A+ Server Education
Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training
Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association
503-682-4422 or 1-866-679-6733

Professional Server Certification Corp.

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Service Permit FAQs

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Alcohol Server Education General Information

People who serve alcohol as a profession
can be a positive force in reducing alcohol-related problems
In 1985, Oregon became the first state in the country to require training for all of its alcohol servers. The idea did not come from government -- it came from the hospitality industry itself.
Oregon's restaurant association sponsored legislation which established mandatory server education for owners and employees of licensed businesses that serve alcohol by the drink.
The law now requires alcohol servers to take and pass a class in responsible alcohol service every 5 years. Oregon's server education course has become a model for other states seeking to promote responsible alcohol use.
  • Server education has trained more than 430,000 students since 1987
  • More than 29,000 students take server education each year
  • More than 128,000 servers and over 6,000 businesses that sell alcohol by the drink are licensed by the OLCC
  • 38 instructors working for 24 providers teach classes across the state
  • Over 2,300 classes are taught each year
  • Instructors are evaluated annually
  • Classes are also available in Chinese and Spanish

How The Class Is Taught 

OLCC administers the course by certifying community colleges and private trainers (called providers) to teach the server education classes. OLCC designs, reviews, and updates the model curriculum and grades the tests. To assure accurate, quality instruction, the OLCC regularly evaluates the instructors who teach the class. 

OLCC does not teach, schedule, or register students for server education classes. Providers are private trainers who schedule their own classes, have their own enrollment policies, and set their own fees. To take a class, you must deal directly with the provider. 
On average, providers charge each student $25 to $40 for the class.



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Seller and Clerk Training Programs

If a clerk sells alcohol to a minor, or fails to properly verify a customer's age, the clerk must complete an approved training program. All employees working for grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores are covered by this rule, OAR 845-009-0145. 
Effective January 1, 2010, those who sell alcohol to minors may receive a reduced criminal penalty in court if they have completed an OLCC-approved seller training program or hold a valid service permit.
Approved seller training programs include all OLCC Alcohol Server Education (ASE) classes as well as other available courses. 
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For More Information

For more information about Alcohol Service Permits, please contact:

503-872-5200 in Portland
or 1-800-452-6522, ext. 25200

For more information about Alcohol Server Education, please contact:
503-872-5133 or 503-872-5114 in Portland
or 1-800-452-6522, ext. 25133/25114

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