Complaint Resources

Complaint Examples:
   The OMB MAY investigate
The OMB usually MAY NOT investigate
   Quality of care; inappropriate or substandard care
Complaints about providers not licensed by the Board
   Impaired physician or other licensee
General billing issues
   Inappropriate prescribing
Complaints that a doctor or his/her staff was rude
   Inappropriate relationship with patient or
   patient family member
Complaints about medical facilities, including  hospitals, clinics, or other medical institutions
   Inappropriate boundaries by a physician or other licensee
Complaints about Independent
Medical Examinations (IME)
   Criminal activi​ty (also report to law enforcement)
Complaints about insurance companies or
health plans

* Each complaint is unique and is considered on its own merits with its specific set of circumstances. Although this list is intended to give consumers a general idea of the type of complaints that fall outside of the Board’s jurisdiction, the Board may conduct an investigation if the specific circumstances fall within state law.  For example, if the billing issue is fraud (i.e. repeatedly charging for a service that is not provided) then the Board may investigate.
Alternative Complaint Resources:
If your complaint is not about a physician (MD, DO, DPM), physician assistant (PA), or acupuncturist (LAc), use the guide below to help you identify the appropriate Board or agency to contact: 
   ​Licensee ​Board or Agency

Oregon Board of Dentistry


Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

   General health topics

Oregon Health Division

   Hospitals/medical facilities

Health Care Licen​sure and Certification


Board of Massage Therapists​


Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners​

   Nurse, Nurse Practitioner

Oregon State Board of Nursing

   Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy Licensing Board


Oregon Board of Optometry


Oregon Board of Pharmacy


Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiners

   Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist Licensing Board

   Respiratory Therapist

Oregon Health Licensing Agency

   State Agency Links

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