Oregon Medical Board Revenue

The Oregon Medical Board (“OMB” or “Board”) receives no General Fund revenue.  The Board is entirely self-supported.  Approximately 98% of Board revenue comes from license and registration fees for medical doctors (MD), doctors of osteopathic medicine (DO), podiatric physicians (DPM), physician assistants (PA), and acupuncturists (LAc).  About 2% of Board revenue comes from sales of lists, directories or labels, fees for license verification, and disciplinary fines.
The cost of healthcare licensure includes “pass-through fees” added by the Oregon Legislature.  The following fees are collected by the Board but remitted to other state agencies:
​Oregon Revised
Statute (ORS)
Licensee Affected​ Other State Agency​ Amount​
676.410​ ​MD, DO, DPM, PA, LAc ​Oregon Healthcare Workforce Information Database ​$2 per year
​431.960 through
​MD, DO, DPM, PA ​Statewide Prescription Monitoring Database ​$25 per year
​677.290 ​MD and DO ​Oregon Health Sciences University Library ​$10 per year

Board Fees

License and renewal fees pay for Board functions.  These functions include:
  • License application processing with thorough background review
  • Investigations
  • Legal expenses
  • Medical consultants
  • Telephone and Internet license verifications
  • Educational outreach
  • Public information services
  • A diversion program through the Oregon Health Authority
  • Staffing to support agency functions
  • Technology and equipment
  • Office space and supplies
The Board strives to balance the need to provide low-cost or free information with reasonable fees to licensees.  The Board works diligently to reduce fees where possible.

Renewal Fees

For a complete list of license renewal fees, click here.


Criminal Records Check

In 2006, the Board implemented fingerprint criminal records checks for all license
applicants.  The checks were instituted  without raising fees to assess the costs; however, the agency can no longer absorb this expense.  OMB application fees have not increased in 15 years.
With the Board’s 2013-15 budget, the Legislature has approved a cost-recovery fee for criminal records checks.  This is a pass-through fee only.  The fee reflects the actual cost of the checks performed by the Oregon State Police.
As of January 1, 2016, the fee is $48 for each fingerprint criminal records check.

Physician Assistants & Supervising Physicians

New legislation in 2011 and 2012 made significant changes to physician assistant regulations.  No funding was provided with the new legislation; however, the Board incurred substantial costs to implement the necessary changes.
With the Board’s 2013-15 budget, the Legislature approved fees to recover the initial and ongoing costs.​
  • Physicians who apply to supervise a physician assistant for the first time since January 1, 2012, will pay a one-time, $100 application fee.
  • Physician assistants paid a one-time, $65 surcharge for the 2014-2015 license registration period.