Health Professionals' Services Program

History and Background

By action of the 2009 Oregon Legislature (House Bill 2345), DHS has contracted with Reliant Behavioral Health to establish a new consolidated, statewide confidential monitoring program for health professional licensees who are unable to practice with professional skill and safety due to a substance use disorder, a mental health disorder, or both types of disorders.

Four health professional regulatory boards currently participate in HPSP: Board of Dentistry, Board of Nursing, Board of Pharmacy, and Oregon Medical Board.

Other health professional regulatory boards are also welcome to participate in the HPSP and may choose to opt in at a later date. 



A board may refer a licensee to HPSP or a licensee may self-refer. When a board refers a licensee, HPSP will work with the board to ensure the licensee is monitored in accordance with his or her board agreement.

When a licensee self-refers, HPSP will work with the licensee to develop an individualized monitoring agreement and will keep the licensee's enrollment confidential as long as the licensee is in compliance with his or her HPSP monitoring agreement.


Education and Information 

HPSP provides information and education to employers, licensee associations and support networks, treatment programs and other stakeholders. Topics include an overview of HPSP and its services, the value of HPSP for self-referrals, signs and symptoms of substance abuse disorders, mental health disorders and relapse, and effective workplace supervision. 

Contact Information 

Licensees interested in more information or in self-referring to the Health Professionals’ Services Program (HPSP) should contact the vendor administering the program.  Your call can remain confidential. 
Reliant Behavioral Health
Toll free number: 888-802-2843  
Reliant Behavioral Health can provide you with a list of Board-approved independent third-party evaluators.

For other information about HPSP, Contact For other information about HPSP, Contact Dr. John W. McIlveen, program manager, at 503-945-6602 or by email: