Licensee Statistics

In addition to tracking license types and statuses, the Board collects practice location and reported specialty for each of our licensees. Summary information is available on our License Totals Report.

This information is subject to change on a daily basis.
The information shown is current as of 03/02/2015 
The License Totals Report   contains multiple tables providing the following information for licensees:

Totals By Type and Status:
All Licensees​

Provides counts by license type and status for every license type.​

Totals by Type and Count:

Full Licenses

​Provides counts by license type for unlimited (full) license types.

Totals by Type and Count:

 Limited Licenses

​Provides counts by license type for limited license types.

Totals by County and Type:

Full Licenses

​Provides counts by county and license type for unlimited (full) license types in practicing statuses. County is based on the county of a licensees current practice address. If a licensee has current practice addresses in more than one county, the licensee will be counted in each county. See note below about practice county.

Totals by Specialty:

MD/DO Licenses

​Provides counts by specialty and license type for unlimited (full) license types in practicing statuses. See notes about specialty below.

PRACTICE COUNTY may not correspond to the number of licensees in active clinical practice within the State of Oregon. There are many licensees with an Oregon license who work in administrative or regulatory positions, licensees practicing in Emeritus status may not have a regular practice address, and there are licensees with an Active Oregon license who are actually retired but have temporarily maintained an Active license. Therefore, the numbers provided are not an accurate compilation of working licensees and may lead to a significant error in calculating the potential man/woman power available to care for patients in Oregon. 
SPECIALTY refers to the specialty that the licensee indicated at the time of initial licensure or biennial license renewal.  A licensee may report more than one specialty.  The Board does not verify this information.  For more information about medical specialties or verify a physician's certification, visit the American Board of Medical Specialties website.
License Status Definitions and Status Limitations information can be found here.