Address Requirements

Practice and Mailing Addresses

  • Practice and mailing addresses are public information.  As the holder of a license granted by the State of Oregon, certain information about you and the license issued to you is on the public record.  (See ORS 192.420.)
    • Our agency is required by law to provide public address information to anyone who asks for them at the actual cost to our agency of producing the information.  This may include requests from marketing agencies.
    • Your practice address must be a physical address.  However, your mailing address may be a private mailbox service or US Postal Service box.
    • If you have issues regarding domestic violence or other threats due to disclosure of your information, you may request special consideration.
  • You must notify the Board of a change of location within 30 days.  Please keep us informed of your phone number and practice, residence, mailing, and e-mail addresses.  (See ORS 677.172(1) and OAR 847-008-0060.)
  • The Board does not automatically reissue a new Certificate of Registration upon a change of address.  For a duplicate certificate of registration, a request form must be submitted.


Out-of-State Licensees

  • If your practice address is within 100 miles of the border of the State of Oregon and you intend to practice within Oregon, you may qualify for Active status.  You must submit a statement to the Board about your intended Oregon practice.  (See OAR 847-008-0015(5).)
  • If you cease practice in Oregon, the Board will change your status to Inactive unless you submit a request in writing to be placed at a Locum Tenens status. (See ORS 677.172(3)(a).)

Locum Tenens License

  • As a licensee with Locum Tenens status, you are eligible to practice medicine in Oregon when you have notified the Board of the location and duration of your planned Oregon practice.  You must provide the Board with timely notification of the location and duration of each Oregon practice prior to beginning such practice (See OAR 847-008-0020).